World of Warships Jurua Tier 6 Pan American DD Review

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Today we take a look at the Jurua, a tier 6 pan American premium destroyer. This new DD is from Brazil and is a direct clone of the Gallant, The H class destroyer from which it was designed. Its been awhile since the Gallant was released, so I’ll cover stats again. It’s not a bad little DD, no great, but its good in the hands of a DD main that knows their way around the battlefield. This will likely be a ship for Brazilians as a matter of pride. It’s nice to see nations that are underrepresented get ships in WoWS.


  1. Hey ZOUP, good morning sir. Your in TEXAS, right? Hope you and your family are staying warm and not affected by the wide spread power outages. I was looking forward to a review for this ship as money is tight right now so I have to be selective on what Premium ships I purchase. So thank you very much ZOUP. !!!

    • I don’t… As I live in Iowa. You all deserve to experience once in awhile, what I do, on a yearly basis.
      That’s just winter, to me.

  2. “The six requisitioned Brazilian ships are sometimes referred to as the Havant class. The Brazilians subsequently built their own, the Acre-class destroyers, based on the H class but with five-inch (127 mm) guns supplied by the United States.”

  3. The Juruas out on this one….

  4. As a Brazilian, the ship I’d like to see in Wows would be the Aircraft Carrier São Paulo

  5. Yes, Jurua is HMS Harvester. When the british requisitioned the ship, they gave Brazil the plans for the H class, and Brazil used those as the basis for their own Acre-class destroyers, armed with US built 127mm guns. By the way, the in-game model of the Jurua *IS* actually different from the Gallant, most notably in the bridge, but it’s still historically inaccurate because the ship was built with only 3 guns, being more intended for ASW.

  6. What if WG would add maps and such instead of more and more premiums to grind their money?

  7. Argentina and Brasil have so many ships to choose from… and they went with a DD that Marinha Do Brasil never even took possession of. WTH!!! The reason you won’t find any info on these DDs is because UK kept Brasil’s 1938 order (WW2 started). It’s not the Galant, it’s the Harvester and two others that’s the actual Jurua. UK requisition came at a bad time as Brasil being an WW2 Ally had it’s ships also attacked by U-boats. Class description and G class differences:

  8. Jurua is just a Gallant 2.0.

  9. So Brazil gets a ship that in real life they never got? Only WG would screw even that up!

  10. Is there a Pan-Am cruiser & DD lines in the near future?🤔😎

  11. Harvester was sunk in 1943

  12. Jurua became HMS Harvester like you said but she was sunk in March 1943 by a German Submarine whilst escorting convoy’s!!

  13. It was built in Brazil as Juruá (J3) but it wasn’t meant to go to the British initially. The outbreak of WWII changed that. Although, I don’t understand why they brought this in. It’s the same as Gallant and very similar to Icarus. I mean, I don’t see the point in the Pan-American tree if they’re just going to bring in ships we already have in game. Nueve de Julio is literally the Boise after it was bought and now Juruá which became HMS Harvester. I get that people in South America would like it though so they’re really trying to do anything to get money by giving us ships we already have…

  14. I’m thinking I want it, just to have a pan american ship in my port.

  15. Brazilian DD, shaven not furred.

  16. Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships 1922-1946 confirms the info on Military Wikia that others have posted. HMS Harvester was built by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow, launched on 29 September 1939, and sunk on 11 March 1943. From While escorting Convoy HX-228, Harvester rammed U-444 but was soon sunk by U-432. The French corvette Aconit was also in the action, and sank both U-boats. There were six requisitioned Brazilian DDs in the class. They were generally similar to the British G-H-I class, led by HMS Gallant, but with only 3 x 4.7-inch guns as noted.

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