Armada: British cruiser Tiger ’59 | World of Warships guide

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Armada: British cruiser Tiger ’59 | World of Warships guide
We’ve prepared a question for you! If you provide the correct answer, you’ll have a chance to obtain an Admiral Pack that includes Tiger ’59 with the Remember Jutland permanent camouflage, a Commander with 10 skill points, and other desirable items. Watch our video to find out more!


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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Congratulations to the winners of the Armada Agincourt:
    EU: DrFlowey_2018
    ASIA: swordfish06
    You will obtain the reward within the following week.

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  2. 152 mm
    Server: ASIA

  3. 02:01
    Woaw Woaw please don’t teasing me like that. You have absolutely no slightest idea of how much i have been wanted and waited for the IJN Tone to be added !

  4. So get ready for people to endlessly waste time bouncing AP off Yamato instead of hunting DDs xD

  5. quatro canhões 152 mm/50 Mk XXVI em duas torres Nickname: Izael_Araujo Servidor: NA

  6. Yohanes Adriel Yosha Pratama

    The main guns: 152 mm, QF 6-inch Mark N5
    Username: NightEdge101
    Server: Asia

  7. 152 mm dual-purpose automated guns
    CosmoX: NA

  8. 152mm (4 x 6″ Mk 5 in two turrets)Player: NavisBello Server: EU

  9. Valtemir Marques Ribeiro filho

    sou aqui da america do sul queria saber o pq tiraram as opções de compra com cartão de credito? somente debito em conta agora?

  10. “Powerfull”… this thing struggles to do any damage whatsoever

  11. The main gun caliber on the Tiger ’59 is 152mm Player name Gavininpa Server: NA

  12. Why you guys want to play this ships? I even wont play this ships even i got it for free

  13. Wow by far I’ve seen, the most shortest armada video duration. Tiger sure doesn’t have anything to show eh?

  14. Main Armament: 152mm
    IGN: Abumbum
    Server: North America

  15. Answer: 6″ or 152mm
    Player: Larrybomber
    Server: NA

  16. Response: 152 mm
    Nickname: NeonStrike
    Server: EU

  17. Response: 152 mm
    Nickname: MrJJuK
    Server: EU

  18. Alpha Bravo CheeseCake

    Awful in game design with a ship that nearly all testers have slated as awful and with one of the lowest dpm at its tier. If you buy this you are an idiot. WG yet again can’t be bothered

  19. The Caliber is 152mm.
    Ingame name: WoT_cookie
    Server: EU

  20. The Caliber is 152mm.
    Ingame name: Lensma
    Server: EU

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