Armada: Erich Loewenhardt

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The rapid development of aviation after World War I prompted the naval departments of various countries to consider the possibility of launching aircraft directly from the decks of ships—first reconnaissance planes, then bombers and torpedo aircraft as the characteristics of aircraft improved. At the end of 1935, a new aircraft carrier project was approved in Germany, with the nation striving to get on a par with Great Britain in terms of naval power. The German Navy’s High Command planned to build four aircraft carriers. The lead ship was designated “A.” The ship was laid down a year later and launched at the end of 1938.

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  1. Ju-87C Dive Siren Sound When?!

  2. Balans departement is the only WG division with “questionable” quality

  3. I have a question
    Where the air siren of lowenhardt’s stuka ?

  4. james the handsome

    We need the Jericho trumpet

  5. Nice carrier but needs the Stuka Siren Audio!!!

  6. We need stuka sirens

  7. Armageddon armada

    Give nelson his catapult fighter and torpedoes

  8. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Stukas in WoWS: *EXIST*
    WG: siren? what’s that?

    • Yes those are Ju-87 C they didn’t have the sirens. The sirens were stopped putting on the Stukas since the C versions. So to have sirens you need a Ju-87 B.

    • @Butter_Katze 1 Well originaly GZ had them , when it still had Ju-87s (the old CV system). So they are already in the game files and can be added. About historical authenticity- the game lost that battle years ago so why not.

    • @mowtow90 good point. I don’t have anything against it.

  9. People always complain about WG butchering German prems, but that’s nothing compared to what they do to our language.

  10. well, not quite.
    “Übung macht den Meister.” literally translates to “Practice makes a master”.
    But the colloquial translation “Practice makes perfect” is accurate. 😉

  11. Any chance Repulse/Renown will be added?

  12. he sure went for a different build than i did. i went for air supremacy, air speed, survivability expert, and advanced firing training. i also took secondary battery mod 1 instead of torpedo mod 1. guess i went for a secondary and bomber specialty build while he went for a balance build that cushions his weaknesses. not sure yet where the rest of my points are going. like the man said, i’m going to practice a bit and figure it out.

  13. the music is from the strategie game “steel division 2”.

  14. We need siren!

  15. So when is IJN Akagi and USS Hornet coming out?

  16. This carrier is the type that asking for trouble, not avoiding them lol.

  17. Still waiting for an Italian battleship line among all the paper ships….

  18. I wish the Dive Bombers had the Jericho Siren on them as they dived.

  19. “all the great naval powers already had aircraft carriers in their service”
    mean USSR naval power was trash in that age
    WG: “yep, it was”

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