World of Warships- Submarine Updates: Wargaming Listened!

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Hey guys, so good news! WG recently announced the results of the sub battles and many many much needed and asked for changes are happening to subs!


Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. That intro font kills me everytime.

  2. wait what wargaming actually listened? that was what I told them to do in the submarines survey but I’m sure other people did too.

  3. Finally some good news, and also BTW the AA animation is coming back as well

  4. They still need to get rid of this guided underwater Missile bs.

    • bodasactra technically the first submarine actually was in the revolutionary war, and u-boats started in world war 1

    • no they were made the same time maybe even before im not sure but subs were defiantly used before for convoy raids against UK and USA

    • @Will V I have no idea why you are telling me this. I commented on homing torpedoes.

    • @AzTec I never commented on subs. My comment concerned homing torps.

    • redwhite They would be trash without them. Unless you prefer being ambushed by a sub from 50 meters away and getting all the torpedoes placed right into your butt rather than having an alert and a chance of evading them.

  5. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    WeeGee listened? *THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!* D:

  6. Majestic Hotwings

    Ok that BB/CA ASW consumable is great and could be a way to fix the catapult fighter consumable vs CVs. Imagine if you can tell your fighters to target a squadron while you focus your AA, the CV will get a notification and a chance to maneuver around the fighters, potentially making him pull out of an attack. It gives the CVs a choice: “accept losing more planes in an attack or pull off for a better attack location” and it can help provide momentary relief for the target ship, buying valuable time which can help them survive

  7. It feels like I’m in an abusive domestic relationship with Wargaming. See they do listen to me, I told you they only hurt me cos they love me!

  8. Sees text ‘Wargaming Listened’…
    Runs to calendar to check if date is April 1st….

    State of confusion commencing…. continues watching video….

  9. Steven Wiederholt

    It Sounds like WG learned something from the CV rollout.

  10. Sea lord, what’s your clan in the Massachusetts replay? What happened to tsiof?

  11. Next up: Russian Subs get AP torps that autocit.

  12. Sea Lord… I’m Dutch! Did you know that that the Dutch invented a means for a sub to run its diesels while under water? However, the Germans obtained it due to their illegal invasion of the Netherlands… meaning both sides actually had it.

  13. Der Große Kurfürst

    At some point, I’d love to see WoWs implement something like the Liberty ships that you see in operations as a playable class.

    I dunno how they’d balance it, but it’s an idea I’d love to see.

  14. I think the Puerto Rico event has given WG a good (And well needed) kick up the a$$, but let’s be fair and give credit where it is due; WG are using properly phased testing to get info and feedback and taking it on board and making changes. Gives me hope that we can get to a position where all classes are decently balanced against each other. One day. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

  15. Fair? Subs firing 2 torps with and having to ping the enemy ship and doing huge damage, because you have to continue pinging the ship the whole time they’re on the way, isn’t fair but a dd being able to spam 24 torps in one salvo every 2 minutes is?

    • There is a difference. Submarines can crawl undetected up to less than five kilometers, ping their target, launch torps, ping the other marker, then descend to a safe depth while still pinging. Don’t forget, the submarine torpedoes are somewhat guided, making them miss less despite their average detection, and if the submarine holds a double-lock, it inflicts the maximum amount of possible damage of that torpedo (usually in the 10k to 13k range). If the submarine launches a forward salvo of 4 torpedoes, and keeps a good lock on a battleship, it can do 40k-50k damage about every 80 seconds.

      DD launched torps are unguided, and the more dangerous they are, the higher detetction they have, to counter the damage potential. (Or in the case of ones like Halland, the high speed and low damage). Also, a DD must stay at a range outside of it’s detection, and avoid any other threats such as radar and aircraft attack.

      Edit: seconds, not minutes

    • @Thomas Paral Having played subs on the test, those torps miss a lot. Your damage estimates would be good vs. bots, but less accurate vs. players.

  16. Next up: American subs receive the Mark 14 torpedo for “historical accuracy”

    60% chance dud
    40% chance torpedo circles back around due to jammed rudder
    30% chance denotation before or after target – due to different magnetic pulse strength around the world

  17. Intros half a minute long? Add some EDM and you’ve got yourself a YouTube vid from 2011.

  18. “Wargaming Listened”
    Me: Wait that’s illegal

  19. Honestly, feels like the subs will be rather worthless with these changes, its a bit too much at once IMO.

  20. Wargaming finally listening?

    Time to royally press them to finish the Italian line.

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