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Armada is back with a new episode about tier VI battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy today’s episode?
    Get battleship “Prinz Eitel Friedrich” as a reward for completion of all directives of “In The Name of His Highness!” event!

    • Awesome video & series love the ship couldn’t wait to get the ship in the campaign Prinz Eitel Friedrich would be proud see ya in the arena thanks for the share & Merry Christmas found the ship to be just plain fun to play really cant stop

    • I honestly didnt enjoy the new format for Armada. There weren’t any stats or hardly any playing strategy offered about this ship compared to other videos. Just some compliments about how well It plays and that’s it. I’d rather see videos like the older ones where its more about the statistics and do’s and dont’s about the ship.

    • Can you please increase montana’s total deck armor to 9 inches?

    • Question, why is the Golden Gate Bride in the picture of the PEF on the Armada page? Are we getting San Francisco as a port soon?

    • @World of Warships Official Channel will you be doing a Christmas sale on everything in your store? Because I would love to pick up Tirpitz and unfortunately Santa said that it wouldn’t fit under the tree.

  2. basically a kongou in tier 6 except its better in everything

    except being a waifu

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl then say Kongō. Not „Kongou“. You wanna-be japanese.

    • rly nis mfw was taught japanese by a real japanese person from japan whose mother tongue is japanese also if I am a wannabe japanese is it the same for persons who type “ss” instead of “ß” like such: Großer Kurfurst do you call them a wannabe German?

    • FranzUuv its Kongō, at best. Not Kongou. Maybe Kongo. But not Kongou.

    • ō and ou will sound literally the same

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      +rly nis I don’t know what ever gave you the idea that I would want to be Japanese. THe only thing I can tell you is that it’s pretty common to spell an “ou” in the end of a word for Japanese names sthat end on a stretched o (or “ō”). That’s just how things are. Only because you claim different doesn’t make your opinion true.

  3. German League of Legends

    Friedrich not Friedrig, in Germany Ch is not a g 🙁

  4. Make the last directive less grindy, the time slot means we have other commitments WG 🙁

  5. I’m in no rush to get her, I’m not impressed with this ship.

  6. I love BB’s, they make great torpedo stops.

  7. Info for those who consider buying it: The ship is in line with the German DD-tree, it’s mediocre at everything. The PEF is not bad but it’s far from being a good ship, the AP pen values are just too bad. Everything with 357mm guns and above can and will overmatch your armor. When the PEF is uptierted to T8 even good players will have a hard time performing. You can’t hurt enemy BB’s reliably unless they are very close. My Warspite eats PEF’s for breakfast let alone the Normandy with 4 more and better guns. WG kinda failed again to deliver a German jewel.

  8. I hate this ship as an enemy in Ranked sprint! Too tanky.

    • Are you serious, only Prinz aitel can be tanky? You don’t see there are 4 Hard ships that are superior in their armor and weapons? Little potato Mutsu, KMS Graf senpai, and the Dunkerque floating bread , Truk Fuso , they are all the hardest ships in Tier 6

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Too tanky? Uwot? It has below average hp, a 270 joke of a belt, a citadel at the waterline that is not protected by a turtleback, extensive 25 mm sections for HE to get penned. This ship is one of the easiest to citadel at T6. Unlike Mutsu also for ships that don’t overmatch the 25 mm citadel deck.

    • +SUKA BLYAT Fuso? Really, the Warspite is harder if you know hot to angle.

    • Not that bad to take on Prinz, Used Dunkerque from xmas crate.
      Ships that gave me hassle the most were Warspite,Fuso and Graf Spee. That Graf in a good players hands is a down right pain in the ass!

  9. so pretty much the Prinz Eithel Friedrich goes like this if the Scapa Flow internment didnt happen:

    “so uh we built this lumpy battlecruiser yet we lost the war yet the navy isnt satisfied with the Scharnhorst and the Bismarcks in the slipway”

    “refit it”

    “excuse me?”


    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      ZeKeR BaNaaG you realize that if they were built, there would be no hurry for getting Bismarck and Shanhorst ready, similar to how US modernized all the BBs from Nevada upwards?

    • ​+Nanchisan Nanchisan but that shouldn’t stop them from hurrying it on. I mean this battlecruiser looks like she finished her refit in ’41, much like how the Bayern ‘s hull B would have looked like which may mean that PEF had large scale work done on her when the Twins came out and Tirpitz was already slated for either floating or scheduled shakedown

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      ZeKeR BaNaaG I think, despite the amount of crap crammed it in the model, the ship should have been finished by early 1920s and then refitted mid thirties So maybe the twins, which were based on the Mackensen and Ersatz Yorck classes after all, would be built around late 1930s, giving time for refits It’s like the USN in a way that they modernized the New Mexico at the same time they were building North Carolina for example

    • +Nanchisan Nanchisan truedat, since I’m assuming that it might have been the same with the Bayern treatment or even the Koenig which had those dome rangefinder secondaries as well as the battlecruiser having a radar grill on the tripod mast shouldn’t be available in ’35.

      but if we roll on you, then the battlecruiser we’re seeing here is likely refit 2, refit 1 being that the battlecruiser having hull renovations and refit 2 having those dual 105’s as well as the fire control on the tripod mast. the weird thing though: the most decent thing they would have done is rebuild the superstructure to Scharnhorst or Bismarck standards yet they didnt do that

    • ZeKeR BaNaaG wat

  10. Tell you what, better wait for German BB split than buying this ship.

    But if you want the Steel, throw $ at WG.

  11. I think I can summarise what’s cool and what’s not in this German Battlecruiser.

    1) Quick main armament traverse
    2) Accurate guns, unusual for German Battleships.
    3) Strong secondary amarment
    4) Good AA
    5) High Speed
    6) German Quality Turtleback Armour
    7) German/RN HE shells, which have penetration 1/4 of shell caliber, which equates to 87.5mm of penetration.

    1) Smallest gun caliber in the tier, unable to overmatch other BBs
    2) Only 4×2 35cm guns, the lightest broadside of any BB in the tier, but also reduces overpenetrations.

    • +Sirene Racker I edited some parts of the comment. I didn’t say it had the smallest caliber, but I was at the time thinking of Iron Duke with its 343mm guns

    • +Lee Hong Jin from your OP: “Smallest gun caliber in the tier, unable to overmatch other BBs”

    • +Sirene Racker I guess I forgot about the French ship then. Not like they are relevent. XD

    • +Lee Hong Jin True, Dunkerque is really meh and has been for quite some time. She’s long overdue for a buff.

    • _6) German Quality Turtleback Armour_

      Careful with this, it doesn’t have a turtleback!

      _1) Smallest gun caliber in the tier, unable to overmatch other BBs_

      Not only is it unable to overmatch, it routinely fails to penetrate altogether! The guns have very low penetration values.

  12. 2:15 saipan:????? get back to the port

  13. Greate accuracy? Are you kidding? This ship most of the time it can’t hit anything

    • Roccaraso or you suck at aiming but hey, those two words are interchangeable

    • +Timber_Wulf i can assure you, i am very precide with bb’s my problem is generally the dispersion, with such dispersion its not even bad, its really really inconsistent, i can get pin point hits some times and most of the times such a bad accuracy to miss a full broadsight bb at 10km with 80% of shells. it reminds me of dunkerque after the first rebalance, very inconistent, it not even like hood where after 12 km its very very unreliable, its literraly inconsistent with its dispersion, often having the first fire very precise and then it goes down hill, giving SOME good dispersions but most of the time atleast for me this guns remind me really a lot of bismark

    • It hits me. Often and with multiple citadels.

  14. Stop lying you douchebags! Accuracy? Strong artillery?
    A shame you advert with such phrases!!!

  15. Nett, hab sie mir geholt. Aber sehr genau Feuert die nicht. Macht dennoch spass.

  16. Don’t let them fool you. This ship is terrible. Good armor and speed, but the guns are inaccurate even for a German BB. It doesn’t have a turtleback, the secondaries suck, and the AA is actually pretty mediocre unless you spec for it. I had a Kutuzov full broadside in front of me at 7km and couldn’t citadel it because of the dispersion. I’d much rather play the Bayern or Warspite.

  17. Hey, it’s that Battlecruiser.

  18. Fast bb with encounter queen elizabeth class…. sounds like German Hood… but it never be detonated…

  19. Further the guns are almost sharnhorst like against other bbs… ya she can cit a big Colorado at close range… but expect overpen and bounce with ap at most ranges… and only expect to land 2 out of an 8 shot broadside on average.. some spikes ofcourse but the rngeasus average is about 2 hits per all 8 and as you know that will end up as I said above.. over pen or not at all… 2 k a broad side… every once in a while one of them shells land for 3k rolls at close ranges like 10k and under

  20. Her speed is ok… 29.5 ish wile under a flag.. and a deacent turn time… but she’s as usual a long German ship.. she has no turtle back armor.. and her belt is tooth pick thin… I get citadeled every time I play her… even Ben citadeled at long range bow on.. over all if you brawl a bb your gona not have shit left after.. the armor just ain’t got it imo to brawl.. personaly I prefer to slightly bow and use only my fronts shooting he while my 2nds pray for fires

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