Armchair Admirals – PQ17 and The Arctic Convoys

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In case you missed the livestream, here’s the VOD of Fridays’ Armchair Admirals stream, the subject of which was Convoy PQ17 and The Arctic Convoys, featuring myself, WGEU’s Tuccy and Drachinifel.



  1. Uploaded 32 seconds ago, I’ll take this in the absence of Drydock

  2. It’s so early it is not even showing on his own channel.

  3. absent-minded goldfish

    me: 1 am, need to shut down laptop and go to sleep
    *receives notification from the gnome overlord*
    me: what sleep?

  4. Re Jingles: Dougie “Let’s nuk3 China” MacArthur

  5. ‘In the summer of 1941, Russia suddenly developed an extremely large and German shaped problem’

    The best description of Operation Barbarossa I’ve ever heard

  6. One aspect that many don’t realize is that stuff *breaks* when it’s exposed to extreme cold. Never mind the corrosive effects, or the impact on stability, sheer cold alone can break things. Seals crack. Lubricants congeal. Ropes jam. Drive belts crack and split. Metal becomes brittle and fractures. Wiring harness insulation splits and allows short circuits.

    Cold is a killer all by itself.

  7. I find it funny that Rear Admiral Jingles is depicted with a cup of tea on the image, knowing he despises the beverage 😄

  8. Yes since I knew of Drachinifel I wanted him and Jingles at the same time. Sweet, ty guys even before watching it.

  9. I worked with a man who had served on the Artic convoys he told me that he had gone up to his bridge look out station with a mug of hot cocoa…it froze solid with in two minutes. Incidentally Loch Ewe still has all it’s defensive works in place

  10. Russia: its our gold
    Britain: its on our warship
    America: *W E H A V E I N S U R A N C E*

  11. A neighbour i had growing up had been in the merchant marine during the war and was on the arctic convoys. He had 3 ships torpedoed out from under him in one trip and they found some wags back in port had stolen the food supplies out of the lifeboat he ended up in. His opinion on Russia was that it ‘was a cold, miserable dump of a place and the Germans could bloody well have the joint!’

    Also i suspect this opinion was colored by being stuck there for 6 months

  12. If this isnt a thing for long then I hope Jingles holds history podcasts as a regular thing. This are so many good WW2 history channels on YouTube now.

  13. 4:46 a mini Japanese tier 8, four legged destroyer just went walking by on Jingles screen, I am of course referring to Akizuki the fluffiest boat in on dry land.

  14. I have a 150+ likes on the first episode of Armchair Admirals and I’ll say it again on the second. The Mighty Jingles and Drachinifel is an ALMIGHTY coming together.

  15. That moment when Rita entered with the food and the jealous look on other guys’ faces- priceless 😀

    • MajesticDemonLord

      Wouldn’t you be jealous of a lady in her 20s serving drinks and nibbles to someone twice her age who isn’t paying for the privilege?

  16. Jeremy Clarkson did an amazing documentary on this a few years ago too.

  17. A Possible topic: Operation Dragoon’s masterful landings contrasted against Pacific landings and other western landings in the med/ dieppe/ normandy

  18. Histoire des Archives

    56:43 Where was the Red Navy?
    *Salt of Tsushima intensifies*

  19. No way in hell would I serve on a corvette, even on the calmest of waters. A row boat with a tarp would be drier.

  20. Tuccy needs to chill out and not be so uptight, don’t worry about it man, he wants to do things too much”by the book”or whatever, just relax and WG will get some recognition

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