Atlanta / Radar / Kraken in ranked || World of Warships

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Player: DeleRT_
Map: Neighbors

Atlanta in – 4th highest base xp so far [3203xp]

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  1. I have theory, Atlanta and Perth made Flint

  2. panzerbostacion

  3. Stop shooting islands.
    You are killing endangered birds.

  4. Apparently this player didn’t receive the memo that Atlanta is irrelevant this season? ell played indeed!

  5. soooo much better replay than Flamu and Mingles

  6. Watching this guy play is infuriating. If ever there was an example of “got lucky” it’s this fucking guy. He literally turned his back on a destroyer and point blank range. Atlanta’s are specifically made for 2 things AA, and hunting fucking destroyers, that’s it.

  7. Love the barrage on the carrier at the end. Just raining down on it!

  8. freedom dispenser?, more like fly swatter

  9. Panzer, if you could narrate some of those replays, I think your channel would blossom even more!! And I would not mind if you sound for example like Arnold ! 🙂

  10. That was excellently played.

  11. so much luck not gettin citadels.

  12. My DeleRT! ♥

  13. Most idiotic CV player ever, sending his planes in to 2 squads of fighters atlanta and myoko… clap clap.

    Also, using consumables to recklessly

  14. No “Clear Sky” Medal?
    How many planes did he kill? 30?
    The best thing the enemy CV player did was avoiding the torps in the end so that DeleteR could get Kraken 😀

  15. Atlas is gonna sue this guy, he carried so hard.

  16. I had a game with Scharnhorst and 5 kills in ranked, but did not make a replay… BUT it was jsut 2 hours after they started the ranked season, so not really a good match.
    (One match later I was paired with 2 “pirate” atlantas… guess who won 😛 )

  17. Christopher Matarazzo

    I feel bad for the enemy carrier, seeing his planes get shot down In 20 seconds

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