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  1. War thunder
    Play the m3 gmc
    Like if agree
    10 attempt

    • Just warthunder instead of this rubbish

    • +TheLoneWolf_NZ WarThunder is rubbish, after 1,77 you can’t even play the game. I got 144fps max settings with Vsync on and now i get 50-85fps… And this is a known fact sadly. The game is broken

    • +Hangman’s Noose I’ve had no such problems. But helis are cancer

    • PurposelyPernicious

      +Hangman’s Noose Graphics have improved but your pc hasn’t. As simple as that.

    • +PurposelyPernicious its a common problem, and my PC has improved was 8gb of ram now 16, I5-7600, Gainward phoenix 1060 6gigs, And its on a M.2. I have no problems in other games too, And it wasn’t like the graphics went from HD to 8K or anything… Just slight improvements tbh, and if that runs so poorly the devs did a horrible job at optimizing. And going from 144fps with Vsync on to like 80max makes no sense after such a short amount of time.

  2. Play more low tier tanks please

  3. Lol, good luck with the torpedoes going through the ships, and all sorts of bugs

  4. *BatheDaily ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  5. Ok you had two really good thumbnails in a row then you come out with this one and blow them both out of the water

  6. OKAY BEFORE YALL SAY ANYTHING READ THIS PLEASE. I have the game and it still needs lots of work. The battle time is much too short and the xp needed is vary grindy. Otherwise the game isn’t bad but could use some fixes. The time makes it unjoyable and makes you rush in…

    • Yeah battles are way too short

    • Holtzy_Vref Yeah, when I get a Kraken Unleashed and only get 1300 xp? No, it’s too grindy, they need to up the xp output

    • My experience with the game is that Wargamings customer service is extremely shitty. I lodged two requests and sent two emails, no vulgarity or anything, just asking a plain question about how to retrieve my account, and I was completely ignored. That’s a couple of months of my time wasted I guess…

    • Matches should be 10 minutes imo, not 5. Also could use some different maps, I’m sick of playing the same couple of maps over and over. But other than that I like the game a lot for what it is..

  7. Phly without his top ?? Need to see it right now !

  8. My favorite thumbnail in a very long time great job dude 😀
    Aaannd of course play the R2Y2 V3 please.
    Attempt #39

  9. *Hey fellas! Hope you enjoy this video. As always thanks for the strong support. Love ya’ll*

  10. Challenge time: take out the Semovente 75/18 M41 but you can only use the stock shell with 44 millimeters of penetration, you have to get 5 kills.
    Attempt #5

  11. How about….. NO!!


    Attempt #2 play Azur Lane 😀

  13. Can we get a livestream of Phly playing WoWs in the tub?

  14. What about world of tanks blitz?

  15. [InsertWittyNameHere]

    This game is honestly terrible.

    • +totskie 12345 don’t say there bad and that’s why they think the games bad, literally worst comeback ever

    • +HIGH CALIBER Saying a game is bad and not stating why it’s bad is a shitty argument to start with

    • [InsertWittyNameHere]

      BL4D3K1LL3R gaming I did play it a few weeks back but it was just not good.

    • +[InsertWittyNameHere] it’s fine to dislike a game but saying it’s bad because of it is simply not valid, wows is the best sea-combat-arcade-based multyplayer there is and even though Steel Ocean comes close it was abandoned by its developers so it falls out of the competition

    • +totskie 12345
      Sometimes the game has a bug when I click is like I click 5 inches it’s kinda annoying when firing all main guns I hope they fix that

  16. A powerful and massive ship has to be male? REEEEEEEEE!!!

  17. No, just no, stop please. I know your making that money, but please dont forget what got you there.

  18. Ace - Aviation & Gaming Videos

    I was a tester and still hate this game

    • Ace - Aviation & Gaming Videos

      +Jon Lowe i dont like it mainly because of the economy. Takes too long to research ships, and premium ship prices are insane. And torpedeoes are op.

    • Ace – Aviation & Gaming Videos well,economy is pretty alright,haven’t donated a penny and grinding for a T8 warship doesn’t take too long for me,torpedoes are pretty balanced,you just gotta dodge them and know where to expect them from. Fully agreed on premiums prices – 35-80$ for a virtual ship model in a mobile game is a nonsense

  19. Blitz is somehow worse than every other wargaming game game combined.

  20. I didn’t like WoWs Blitz, it doesn’t feel like the PC version, it is 20 times more fast paced, leaving no room for tactics and surprise attacks
    The graphics looks rushed, no reflections in game, water effects looks terrible, ships doesn’t make any waves and the islands feels dead

    • Daniloxidado Well it is a mobile game. That can’t have good graphics if they want most people to play it

    • It’s supposed to be a simplified version for mobile, so it’s less detailed.

    • Its a fucking mobile game you tosspot…. jeeeeez

    • I agree with everything you guys said, but there’s more warships games with bigger maps and better graphics, Naval Creed for example, some maps are HUGE, though the islands aren’t big enough, they have trees, making them feel less desolated like WoWs blitz does.
      There are 3 games I consider better (with better I mean fun) warship warfare games than WoWs Blitz
      -Naval Creed
      -Warships Universe
      -Pacific Warships

      Try these, I’ll recommend everyone to play them

    • Maybe cuz its mobile??? Lmao you dumb ape

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