World of Warships – CV MID RUSH on 2 brothers FINALLY HAPPENED

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It has been requested for a VERY LONG TIME and today was the day.
After being bottom tier and barely doing anything, game decided make me top tier and give me this . I was playing CV after a long time because of some campaign missions and I thought to myself: “If I don’t do it now, I never will”, so I went for it and things got messy xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉



  2. That Tirpitz B… He bought the ship, got all excited and then this happened.
    Ok to be fair no evasive maneuvers were done but jesus christ that was a slaughter. *Fun and engaging German BB*

    • That has always been the problem with CVs, that ability to basically nuke someone out of the game in one go with very little they can do about it.

    • enemy Shokaku was playing with his dick at that time… (he got to tier 8 and did not have air-superiority…)

    • +tajj7 either spec ror aa and manual aa and feel save from cv but being baiscally a shitty bb who then gets burned to death with HE. or get coinflipped and one shot by cv

    • +XHitsugaX like the cv really cares…
      ok you will kill a few planes more but you are dead nevertheless…
      also how fucking stupid is the aim circle on ap bombs? 0 chance that you miss those on any bb

  3. Oleabetsoe Mokoena


  4. In my experience most T8s are a struggle against T10 🙁

    • +ion282 With NC I would agree, but with Tirpitz and Bismark… these guns are trolling so hard. Crazy games and bad games are coming and going with them. It’s ridiculous sometimes. And Imho, T8 shouldn’t be matched vs 10, the powercreep between those tiers is way to high for the T8. Even angled you will always take considerable damage with a T8 unless playing vs potatoes.

    • +Rotschwinge I agree with you about the fact you suffer against huge BBs or even cruiser like Moska, op stalingrad ect but when I had the bismark, I used secondaries a lot. Was always next to a DD to provide a smoke for me, then I focus on ennemy DD with secondary ect ^^

    • +OwzIE_McFuzzie just go to a corner of the map and afk for 3-4 minutes 😀

    • I’m not a DD player but I have to say I love being bottom with the Kutuzov but that it. Aside from that it sucks ass.

  5. By far the most non toxic CV game I’ve seen, because you gave the enemy chances to shoot at you.

    • Any decent CV player is as close as he can get without being seen. Two brothers is a dream for us cause we just have to keep a fighter back and nobody can touch us while we have faster reloads on our planes.

  6. On Jingles channel in 3..2..1..

  7. Lets add obvious disclaimer. Weekend is coming. Do not try this at home. Guy knows what he is doing, you do not. He is the pro and you are the noob. Repeat do not try this at home.

  8. and now every idiot in the game is going to try it and ruin our lives

    • That is almost guaranteed. So many are tempted – so few succeed.

    • A slightly less capable (or lucky) CV captain trying the same and countered the same way would perish. The enemy CV here did spot Flambass on the way into the channel and was spotting the channel during the first part of the game.

      Any anti air capable ship would have made minced meat of the cleanup operation where Flambass took out or drove away the surface ships guarding the channel. Or a less capable player would fail (or lose too many planes).

      But look at it this way:
      If there is only one idiot in he game (unheard of) and you (general you here, not specific) are not that idiot (possible but unlikely) there is a higher chance that the idiot is on the other team.

      Play a CV and the idiot CV player is on the other team 100%, or…. 🙂

    • +57thorns Most importantly, Flambass got a decent team. The Aka did a good job, the D wing takes casualties but doesn’t get obliterated, the A wing capitalizes on Flambass’ work instead of capturing the valuable A line. 

      Then again, I see why some people hold the B line… yesterday I was playing the October Revolution, having some fun capping A (not on 2Brothers) and killing CA and DDs. Then while I’m torpedo beating a cruiser and two DDs, my CV comes and drops the cruiser I was busy annihilating, in such a way that I cannot avoid his torps. He flooded me, forced my repair and I died to multiple fires. I can understand that people are wary, and the time it takes you to switch from “how many potatoes do I get this time, should I assume it’s unwinnable and pad my damage or try to win” to “there is a great player, let’s push hard on his tactics” can be several minutes if you’re a slow ship…

    • +Flambass With my luck, it will always be the CV on my team that will do this.

  9. this guy is so good it’s disgusting !!! 🙂

    • one of the few players that you defo do Not want to see on the enemy team ……. Flambass makes the Krispy Kream look OP …. Flambahugs

  10. Jingles now has material for his new WoWs video

  11. It’s so sad that soon this kind of CV gameplay will be gone. I personally think the changes oversimplify everything.

    • CV is the only class that does not play world of warships…they play RTS while others play an arcade ship shooter.

    • A Sentient F-14 Tomcat

      Oh no.

      Not the broken, OP, Retarded System that is complete Cancer going away :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    • +A Sentient F-14 Tomcat I know been playing blitz and that’s where they tested new system it’s great only I’m in overhead is when i’m scouting for targets amd sending care packages

  12. Damn Lord Flambass do you ever let anyone else have fun 🙂 (to much fun) so when are you going to take an Atlanta up the Middle

  13. Gawd, I love this top down thinking man’s game that is CV play. I can’t do it worth a shit, but I love watching the masters. It is such as shame that it is getting binned in favor of that crap that is coming.

    • +SanaSana Navyfields had top down view but where is it now?^^

    • @gd527tt What’s your idea of fair? Being torpedo straddled by a carrier humping the back wall of the map is fair? Almost all decent CV players stay out of range and sink half the enemy team when conditions are right. My proposed changes would still allow them to do that… except instead of sinking 5-10 ships, they’d sinky maybe 2 or 3 before getting sunk themselves… you know, like pretty much everyone else.

    • +gd527tt Neither does it sound fair to destroy CVs play because other players can’t adapt to counter them. Having the mechanic as an option for those that want to play that way cool but let the others keep their RTS play style. It’s why we chose to go down the CV line.

    • +TheHarakon Navyfields also had a crappy economic model

    • +Rico theres enough def aa i. Game to nulify a carrier ig teams were TEAMS

  14. Flambass confirmed. 2019 is the Year of the Carrier.

  15. Watched it live on your stream @Flambass. Had to watch it again – you’ve got some big cahoona’s my friend, well played:)

  16. In my opinion, matchmaking is the single worst thing about World of Warships. Constantly facing players which are just straight up better than you are, no skill involved, is a horrible thing for a video game.

    • Apart from unbalancde vehicles, allowing for tier spread will always be bad.

      A single top tier vehicle might work, but in general:

      If you turn up in a WWII fighting vehicle (tank, submarine, surface ship or plane depending on game) and are matched up against 1960s era weapons, you are dead.

    • +57thorns Actually, it makes the game about the upper tier’s skill. I get occasional fantastic games in <=2 tier games, such as Kagero vT10 or Omaha vT7 or Bud vT8. Only works if my T++ is good enough to take the heat.

    • The console version has a 1 tier MM spread

    • @57thorns And yet, underdogs and overcoming the odds are popular narratives. Leveling and balancing every rough edge until everything is equal drains the life out of a pvp game just as well as the opposite.

  17. Kind of feeling this is in the line of …. oh you thought that was good…. hold my beer….

  18. Cant wait to play on NA server today, where every idiot cv player is gonna try this!! Just the cruiser video caused a flood of “i Can do that too” noobs.. lol

  19. send this to jingles

  20. Can’t wait to see the Jingles replay with commentary.

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