Blyskawica Black Friday Sale | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox

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Gameplay review and commander build guide for the Polish Destroyer Blyskawica in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PlayStation and XBox.


  1. I got 10 promotion orders in my 1st black Friday create 😐

  2. that Fiji had no chill

  3. I’m getting Swirski mainly for the double (triple) concealment on some cruisers like the british with tyrwhit and the Amalfi with Campi. I think Amalfi can get into 7’s. It’s probably not their optimal builds, but it’s different so it’s fun to mess around

  4. Tbull: ‘biscuit’

    Polish folk: “Then the winged Hussars arrived!!!!”

  5. Just want the captain for that extra concealment.

  6. I’m pissed I’m not going to get to buy Atlanta B I’ll buy gold if it goes on sale

  7. Sweet can’t wait to get this ship and commander missed it when it first came out

  8. Been wanting Swirsky forever so I bought the Biscuit B this morning. Dumped whatever I had for promotion orders on him so he’s only around lvl 9 and not Legendary yet but finally having a double concealment build I’ve gotten my Le Fantasque down to 4.9km detectability. Promptly took it out, 4 cap domination, outspotted and killed both enemy DD’s, Kagero and Fletcher (torped Kagero in his smokescreen, outgunned the Fletcher with the reload boost) took 3 of 4 caps while the rest of my team potatoed hard and left me 1V4 against two BB’s and two cruisers and a 300 point deficit, so it was a defeat.
    Took the Biscuit out, again killed both enemy DD’s and a BB but that was a win.
    Biscuit is a solid DD, guns hit hard for their caliber.

  9. I happy for Black Friday I can’t wait to pick up the Atlanta,oh won’t be coming this year : (

  10. I got my fingers crossed for an Indi or Blyska. I don’t see the point in owning two of the same ships just for a different camo. If they had different hull setups, maybe. That’s one thing I miss from the PC version is that the ships had different upgrades that didn’t necessarily make them better, just different for unique and more customized play style.

  11. I got this out of the first free Black Friday crate. Safe to say was pretty darn happy as im sure the %drop on these isn’t very high. Super confused when i didn’t see country of origin initially, such a neat surprise!

  12. 6 Black Crates and I got a Rock. Zip, Zilch, Nada. Watching the all those Biscuits happily sailing around in stylist black is painful to watch…

  13. PLEASE READ, @William Chastain has discovered a legendary ship that was leaked and absolutely no one has noticed it yet. It is a battleship and there is proof that it exists and it’s just a matter of when it’s released. On the World of Warships legends YouTube channel there is a video called ‘introduction to the bureau. Now, once you find the video, go to 2:10 what appears to be an Iowa, but with an anti aircraft gun on the nose. The Iowa doesn’t have an anti aircraft gun mount on the nose of the ship and compared to the Alabama, the whole nose of the ship is completely different. This means that it could possibly be another Iowa class battleship, like the Montana or Wisconsin.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the Alaska because all 3 ships on the video are the first 3 legendaries. I can see how it would look like a battleship but I think it’s the Alaska.

  14. Pretty disappointing stuff this year imo

  15. try a secondary build Iowa considering the 2ndary armament rework I believe it’s 5inch guns would be effective in setting fires

  16. Gettin’ my Biscuit Tomorrow 🙂

  17. Got the Blyskawica this morning, ranked Swirski immediately up to Rank 11 Legend 1, all I had available. He’s know paired with Bey as inspirations to Tanaka and it’s paid off.
    Ok, it cost me over £30🇬🇧 but well worth it in my opinion.

  18. If I Get This Ship. Selling It Straight AWay

  19. Honest and proficient analisys, as always. Thanks @Tbull!

  20. This years premium ship drop rate from the Black Friday crates is nearly half of what it was last year..

    Last year there was almost a 15% chance of getting a black ship. This year it’s practically less than 5%!

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