Budyonny First Game and Opinion: World of Warships

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My First game in the Budyonny on Trap Domination mode. The Budy is definitely a keeper for me. What to you think about the Budy?

Enjoy the Destruction.

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. …american screwsers…

  2. But armor.. LOL…

  3. That’s cause the Kirov sucks. Great game in a meager ship. Keep them

  4. This ship is the new king of Tier 6 ..PS this Bodyonny and Dimitry t9 is
    the best cruiser in this Russian line….. Beside with Can kill a Cleveland
    to brekfast . And you Can upgrade this ship to AA to 51, with your spot
    plane in the air you have 19 km range LOL PS the armor is 13 to 140 mm,
    better than Cleveland … PS Its My favor nr 1 Now that i sold My Mogami.
    Yes the köper are T3 Bogatier, t6 Bodyonny and t9 Dimitry

  5. To be honest this ship can’t compare to Cleveland still in terms of DPM. IT
    srange is longer, same rate of fire of 7.5 rounds per minute but Cleveland
    has 3 more guns per full broadside so it lands more shells per minute.
    Clevelanddoes survive far better than Budyonny though

  6. Thái Phạm Xuân

    Hi WastingSomeTime, if you can get the concealment expert for you captain,
    plus camo painting, you can invisible fire with Budyonny from nearly 15.5
    km :D

  7. that fuso kept saying he was stock, but as everyone can tell he isnt stock
    because of his tower, and whos AA is worse, japan or soviet?

  8. Wow, that whiner in chat was something else! Apparently it’s everybody
    else’s fault that he got focused down and obliterated, and not his.

    As far as the Budyonny is concerned, ti looks like a good ship to sail with
    – I just need to get past the ships before it.

  9. Yeah, but I’m all quite unanimously sure that the Cleveland needed the nerf
    bat. It was so frickin annoying to be only damaged with passive damage

  10. Great Match!!

  11. Jack Packet (gaming)

    yeah I remember the times when the Cleveland was one of the most feared
    ships even in a t7

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