Carrier Overview: Unlocking, Commanders, Controls & Impressions | World of Warships Legends | 4k |

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Today we are taking a look at the all new carrier ships to come to World of Warships Legends. We are going to talk about how to unlock them. What equipment they have as well as there unique commanders. And finally I will give my first impressions of them.

00:00-00:24 Intro
00:25-00:58 Comment of the Day
00:59-02:26 How to Unlock Aircraft Carriers
02:27-05:34 Aircraft Carrier Commanders
05:35-07:09 Aircraft Carrier Consumables and Mods
07:10-10:54 How to Play and Controls
10:55-13:25 Impressions
13:26-14:07 Outro


  1. The texas is probably the best AA BB for Air strike, really excited for the next video.

  2. As a USS Texas captain, I dare you carrier players to come closer to me

  3. Yes I love that USS Texas Anyway it took me awhile losing a bunch of times before I unlock the carrier.

  4. Yeah the AA battery on the Texas is a Beast.

  5. Well, I just got both Carriers and played a bunch of games.
    Carriers are A LOT HARDER than you’d think.
    Super fun but I’m a much better cruiser player than Carrier player, I’ve sacked 3 Carriers with the Emerald.

  6. Hahaha that’s me!

  7. Nice breakdown, seems like they were pretty cautious with the carrier’s power level! Curious to see how it all plays out when they’re fully released from their, erm, quarantined period…


    Yeah. That’s a good thing. They can always buff later of really necessary. Each attack run doesnt get you that much damage since you only so 2 torpedoes at the time while getting chewed up by AA

  9. corinthians daniels

    I’m so sad I’m stuck on the start screen after it says push x to start ps4

  10. And when they go donw


  12. They need to buff the destroyers too op with those torpedoes.


    @Bill Henry buff???

  14. I’m Bismarck’s going to get bullied!

  15. They seem fairly well balaced. Aren’t too OP and youll get wrecked if you arent carful. I suck with them

  16. They’ll just be in your ship list before you click battle. Make sure you’re in the right game mode

  17. Can somebody PLEASE tell me how you get to the new dimensions 3 missions I’ve been to airstrike ,I’ve been to campaigns and missions; still cannot find these missions to play To unlock these carriers.

  18. Decided to give you a sub, good video.

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