CARRY! North Carolina 3543 base XP vs T10 || World of Warships

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  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    America’s is the best country in the game. People deny it, so we blew up the Yamato.

  2. NC’s guns are very painful to use, for t8, i’d rather have bismarck than NC

  3. Man that was a serious arse kicking battle!

  4. Very well played??

  5. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Que jogo em muito bom

  6. 보지다찢어버리고싶다메갈워마드페미걸레

    Congratulations for your 40000 subscribers in s.korea~~~~!!!

  7. Good game. Does the replay system not show AA sector reinforcement?

  8. This guy didn’t carry squat. Spent the first half of the game using his team as meat shields while he hung back taking pot shots. Outside of two really good (lucky) salvos on cruisers, he wasn’t spectacular in any way.

    • Do it better

    • And you expect a T8 to be the target of focus fire in a T10 battle? The fact that the enemy didn’t perceive him as too much of a threat meant that he was able to pull more than his weight. A contribution’s a contribution and his was not a small one. Zao and Minotaur are some of the most annoying T10 cruisers if left alive.

    • As for “pot shots” I’m not sure, he seemed to be fairly aggressive for a bottom tier ship.

  9. Love the throwback intro!

  10. I like the old update better I feel like people are going to play Aircraft Carriers more often then other ships in the tree. I think Wargaming really screwed up the aircraft Carrier gameplay I like the old play style better. Might as well change it to world of Aircraft Carriers

    • Lmfao dude have you played since the last 2 hotfixes. CV’s are nerfed into oblivion now. And I don’t even play the damn things regularly, I play the other 3 in rotation daily. I barely see any CV’s since the 3rd hotfix.

  11. Man those 2 Dev strikes were sweet.

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