Clear Sky – 78 planes shot down || World of Warships

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Player: timmyg1004
Map: Northern Lights

User Description:

I found a great place to screen the for my team about mid way you will see me shoot 38 within about 30 seconds! I circled around the back knowing i had to live to keep the plane pressure off my team and it went rather well in the end!

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  1. bad player, simply luck, ran away from all fights

  2. bad player

  3. Excellent video, best was when the first enemy detected the background
    music stopped. Perfect commbination :)

  4. Below comments are an excellent example of why many people will not start a
    new PVP game.
    Elitists will seal club them, humiliate them, discourage them and drive
    them away.

  5. that Guy shot a lot of he in circumstances where could have shot ap but
    otherwise decent game not the best but hey np

  6. hey I know this guy Timmy. he is good player

  7. Nothing to show about, just an idiot cv player keep send his planes to hell

  8. Jesus Christ his health just evaporated in about thirty seconds

  9. Perfect battleship escort.One Des Moines on the port other on the starboard
    Nothing gets through.

  10. What an AA!
    I thought it was Shokaku or Lexington planes before watching.
    Great AA support ship for battleships

  11. Stalker Clear Sky

  12. Des Moines. The ULTIMATE AA weapon.

  13. I love the AA of the DM but I absoloutly HATE how much of a glass cannon it
    is. You can regularly take citadels from battleships from all angles and
    the gun arc is so terrible

  14. And Cv player that isn’t brain dead will ignore heavy AA ships until last
    and when they do finally engage HE WILL BAIT THE AA SKILL AND PULL PLANES
    BACK…. this just hard to watch

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