Closest Match of 2024 – World of Warships

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This is probably the closest match I had so far in 2024, the win swapped sides so many times and we were not really sure which side was gonna win till the end.

Crazy match which I hope you will enjoy watching 😉

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  1. @hiddentruth1982

    call them and tell them you are under the weather so you can’t make it. That is trouble waiting to happen.

  2. @rainbowcalatic7329

    u going on a date

  3. Wow, the base xp on the 3 last of your team is… Something else, especially for a win

    • the ex-pee doesn’t reflect quality of the play at all. Look at the RhodeIsland guy who had more points that Halland and Oster (and not that far less than Flambass who carried whole game on his back) despite throwing for most of the time. The problem is that you earn “ex pee” just for surviving and stacking damage, and while it is important too, often is not enough to win.

    • @@Edi_J I agree it doesn’t mean ALL, but look at that Kagero… He griefed his own team more than anything

  4. Great Battle!!! Had a match yesterday, ended 907 – 905 at full time limit. I was the last ship, lady luck was with me the last 5 min’s.

  5. Hope Jingles can review this

  6. That Kremlin was kindda useless.

  7. Watching all of your videos here on YT, just got one question.
    Why don´t you change the opacity on the mini map?

  8. @u_dinzclone0459

    Ur lucky ur team understand what r u saying. In asia ppl dont understand english. So even if u tell them to do something. They ignoring it

  9. Not exactly a close match. I had the “joy” of losing by 1 point last month……of course their CV was the one left alive to ruin the game.

  10. Masterful. You even convinced the run away duo to pitch in.

    • It was almost a mixed blessing they came in late because they were probably very healthy and a push with BBs against a collapsing flank caused the enemy to run and become easier targets.

  11. Now to make something like this happen with Montana, and a Kraken!

  12. @pauldockins9635

    Good turn around

  13. 4 women, not the Miss. Luke! Its a trap!

  14. @StavroginNikolay

    Good game flam

  15. what is the captain said ? “top with extra cheese” ?

  16. So we might see this on Jingles channel in the future?

  17. Why didn’t you switch to AP when the Monty at the end was broadsiding? Great game, though.

  18. Longtime no see any gearing match.

  19. @theperfectshot1110

    got sent here from jingles.

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