The Best Secondary Battleship And Its Not Even Close – Schlieffen Airship Escort

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  1. love the vids man! keep up the good work. love ya

  2. I hate random battles. I love game modes like this because I love to brawl as well. The missions are fun for me too.

  3. @captainworstpirateiveheard9842

    9/10 games in Zeppelin,mostly all BBs are passive. Anyone pushing got torpedo spammed, HE spammed by cruisers, or plane spam by Guden and CVs. That one game that ppl actually push was extremely fun

    • I agree on BBs being pussies, but if they utilized the plenty of cover available they can easily survive and be a deciding factor for the end push. Instead they sit back, snipe, and are generally clueless why we lose.

    • @PirateAndArmadaCo

      Its almost as if this is randoms mentality too

    • I had 4 defeats in a row in Airship escort mode and gave up. Too much idiots there who like to camp, and camping is not the way to win that game mode.

  4. Also gonna miss Airship Escort, so much so gonna cancel my premium time and log off till it or something else different, like asymmetrical battles, comes back online.

  5. Curious to see how much trade off you lose in DPS if going for a fire build and swapping out IFHE. Excellent video as always.

  6. airship escort in randoms was pretty cool to make randoms less boring and stale.
    But the fact that we have the same maps in high tier and random queue picture for over 8 years makes me sceptical about Wargamings will to change much in randoms

  7. Nothing is as much fun as watching the talk in the match. The hacker accusations are quite funny.

  8. @unemployed_history_major4795

    This is the best mode. I absolutely love playing it. Why do they take it away?

  9. @michaeladler3035

    Have you tried the Schröder build as a secondary ship with Lütjens? You should try it. Its like a mini Schlieffen!

  10. @captaingoodenhigh2557
  11. I wish Sicilia secondary have good accuracy as Schlieffen.

  12. Best ways to play Shlif: 1. Calculate when to push and when to use concealment. 2. Push in only certain situations like 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 1 if no dd around. 3. Dont push in crossfire. 4. Learn to use the main guns and concealment in times when you are not pushing. 5. Calculate damage control and use carefully. 6. Dont rely on torps except very close brawling. 7. Use secondaries from smokes, islands without main guns. 8. Learn how to use the ship without secondaries to maximize damage. 9.Time hydro when pushing and when around the islands. 10. Use the ship to push dd`s when needed its very effective. 11. Use the speed and concealment to push and disconnect (its one of the best styles).

  13. I got a horrible winrate in the Schlieffen, but it’s still one of my favorite BB’s to play. Fast, dynamic, stealthy, and unleashes hell on anything withint 12,5km.

  14. I guess I’ve just had bad luck this week. I’ve been in one game after another where my team is completely passive, with surviving ships at the end of every battle, still far away from our airship.🤨

  15. This whole line is amazing when it comes to secondaries, there is a mission on the Yamamoto campaign that you need to do 100k damage with secondaries, i did half of that in one game with Zieten, didn’t complete the mission because team went defeat speedrun

    • @corbinpearce7686

      The Zieten is shockingly good. I was surprised at how strong and versatile it is. It’s what I wish the Bismark would be. Definitely grabbing it again once I have some free credits.

  16. Vegan Conq, hiding behind a island on the I line. classic

  17. most escort games i ever had, the people dont understand this game modus. they still just stay behind and snipe, and mostly only my team does that, while the enemie pushes in hard and on the airship and win easy.

  18. i’m still waiting for WG to make a new russian BB with a kremlin hull and smolensk secondaries. like 10 quad turrets on each side…..

  19. When it comes to secondaries and concealment, Schlieffen is definitely THE choice. BUT personally I prefer the Mecklenburg over the Schlieffen (or Preussen, G.K.)
    Every time when I had a 1 vs. 1 against a Schlieffen, G.K. or Preussen, I win with the Mecklenburg (full secondaries).
    1. Secondaries don’t do much damage on the Meckle (also not on the G.K. and Preussen) but definitely more against the Schlieffen. Every time, when I compare the outgoing and incoming secondary damage against a Schlieffen in the table at the end, the damage is pretty much the same on both sides, despite the fact that the Schlieffen is much more accurate.
    2. The Meckle is tankier, but not as tanky as the Preussen/G.K., but can defend itself way better against Air.
    3. The main guns – and that is the point – are superior compared to the Schlieffen and to Preussen or G.K. in their accuracy, which gives the Meckle the upper hand in EVERY SINGLE brawl I had in my almost 700 games with it. Bow tanking with 8 accurate front guns is the key here.

    Of course the Meckle has its flaws and they are well known and of course, I can not win all brawls, because usually you get outnumbered when you even try these days… but a Schlieffen dies way faster… so in comparison: My choice is the Meckle for Airship escort

  20. Would it be wise to redo luchens for the Schlieffen line, or keep him to get Hannover, and or Prussen?

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