Commander Skill Rework Thoughts – World of Warships

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The Commander (or technically captain) Skill rework has gone live to world of warships, and I just wanted to share my overall thoughts of the changes, and how they’re affecting the game, and what I hope to see in the short term with fixes and possibly the long term.

World of Warships is a naval based fighting free to play mmorpg where you can unlock various ships. You can choose from cruisers, carriers, destroyer, battleships and soon to be submarines. The game features many different battle types: co-op for the more relaxed players; random for 12 vs 12 battles; scenario missions to play through various missions; clan battles and brawls if you like fighting alongside friends as well as the numerous events that take place throughout the year, such as King of the Sea tournament and ranked & ranked sprint battles.

If you want to play then head over to this site:


  1. The Matrix red pill

    It is bloody awful. Tired it out on cruisers and bbs, my god what a mess

    • Yup, every game I’ve gone into I’ve been asking people’s opinions, and the majority has been negative, hopefully some tweaks and changes will come soon!

    • Battleships are over powered. Just spec Dead Eye and you can hit a fly on the foredeck. Cruisers are red eyed dead.

    • @Kajak Kajak Yep, I think the best move, at least in the short term, would be to either reduce the effect of this skill, or give it some sort of nerf, as it’s totally shifted how people play, and now everyone is scared to actually get into battle 🙁

    • @WholeOfEngland WG will wait a while before anything will happen. As their Content Creator MrConway said: “It’s natural in the beginning that people try out the new settings”. The good thing is that not many people play Carriers at high tiers anymore. Everybody plays Battleships 😉

    • You know what, that’s a good way of looking at it haha! I guess it’s only the first day, so we’ll see what happens when this all settles down

  2. It’s still quite shocking to me – from a company perspective – how much they’re alienating the player base. There are so many examples of games failing (so many free warnings); why aren’t they sticking to what works? It’s really not that hard. Just involve players like Jingles, Flamu, Flambass, etc. in major decisions and you’ll avoid so many mistakes that would be made by people misinterpreting spreadsheets (because we know by now that’s more than just a slur; the devs don’t actually play, let alone play well).

    • Exactly, they and probably everyone on the wows cc program would be the best to consult, as they speak to a majority of the players, and have the most knowledge as to what would be a good or bad change to the game. As I said I just hope they get some fixes live soon, as this is going to be putting off a lot of players soon, especially if their playstyle wasn’t sitting far back.

      The problem is this is almost certainly going to stay, as they’ve invested a lot of time and money into this awfully implemented change, so I’m really hoping they manage to fix this soon, otherwise the playerbase is probably going start shrinking 🙁

    • @WholeOfEngland So true. At least they’ve got a reason to reflect on past decisions considering the noise. Fingers crossed they’ll learn from it.

    • Knowing wargaming, I’m not holding my breathe, but I hope they can surprise us and make this a great update

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      The problem is they dont speak for everyone do you really think that for examples that every utterly hates CVs wants them removed or nerfed to where they do no dmg or everyone wants their HE island hoping ships removed?

    • @CynicallyObnoxious That’s a good point, you’re right with the spamming ships, they provide that lovely feeling of helplessness, the same sort a carrier can when 3 ships creating a flak bubble don’t stop a squad coming through and finishing a ship off.

      If not everyone’s going to like whatever changes are made next, let’s just hope it’s more of a minority of the playerbase that aren’t so fond, rather than a good portion, as that’d be bad for the long term of the game. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see as to what comes next.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s good to see it from a different perspective 🙂

  3. Well happy with my 9.5km sec range on gneisenau

    • Yea it’s certainly a nice thing to have a better range, as well as the ability to fire from both sides when using manual secondaries, just a shame at the moment when you get to use the secondaries you get sniped from the back of the map haha

    • @WholeOfEngland yeah and the best thing is I am not really affected by the accuracy because only with the update I could reset my commander and get manual fire 😀

    • @Seeskabel45 Yep that’s great! When you do get a game where you’re able to go brawling you should really enjoy it, cause it’s just gonna be both sides of your ship littered with secondaries firing off at everyone around you haha

  4. I can get my harugumo to 15.1 km of range….

    • That sounds scary to be against lol, I’ve watched a few haru montages of people melting everything near them, now you can do it at range haha

  5. The first thing I did was to reset all my commanders so I can choose the setups

    Only thing I do like is been able to put commanders on premium ships with the set up for those class.

    • Yep, I didn’t realise there was an article from them until later which wiped all commander skills in a click, which I tried, and accidentally wiped the builds I’d just made haha, but yea I’m doing the same now, each ship I go to play, I pick some skills and test them for a few games to see if they need changing.

      I’ve not yet tried moving commanders to premium ships, so I’ll certainly need to try that out the next time I play

    • @WholeOfEngland Totally! Especially handy for ships with a unique character like Georgia; my destroyer/cruiser commanders will have their BB-build to suit her best. Not sure yet what build that’ll be though ^^

    • I keep resetting all my commanders after every battle until I find balance which one works on the standard shipping and the premium ones.
      Usually the commanders with extra skils

    • That seems like a good idea! I’ll probably give that a go too, and might as well as the resets are free for now 🙂

  6. Thanks for the video. I had fun with my Georgia last night and will share my build if you want.

    As for deadeye, I don’t actually like the gameplay. Tried it with a South Carolina meme range build and with spotter could go to 31km! However to get anything to hit with the way the shells fly is going to take practice. I did find it boring though.

    • Yep certainly, it just promotes a camper style of play, which is most of the battleships (minus most german and some french) is going to be a lot harder and less fun to play for anyone else either pushing, or just getting spotted.

      And yea if you’ve got a build then that’d be great, I’m still working out how to best play georgia, so that’ll be really good to try out a different build

    • I only have an 18 pointer to go on currently but, I built with Gun Feeder, Grease the Gears, LRSBS, CQC, FPE, and then either CE or ERE.

      That’s the current thinking, and it seems to work ranged and good enough to push like it used to.

    • I’m using a 10 point commander currently and just tried part of that loadout (minus the other 4 pointers) and it seemed to go quite well!

    • @WholeOfEngland if you have one of the Doe brothers, then they work great for the extra turret traverse speed and as they start at T10, better to progress with.

    • Not currently, but just to make the experience better I’ll probably get one before I make a video on it, thanks for the advice!

  7. One of the worst parts of the change I noticed not yet addressed, there is no longer an elite commander skill point redistribution option. It has a 500 doubloons option that is currently free for the patch duration but what happens when that ends? Do we have to pay cash both to redistribute points and rapid train? In the past, when this was free for the patch, both options were visible but not this time. I have a bad feeling we may now have to pay 500 dubs for commander point redistribution soon. Welcome noob and good luck.

    • At least from the original devblog on the rework, it did state that it’s either doubloons or elite commander xp, but at the moment it’s not showing as it’s free by the looks of it.

      I hope they’ve not made a last minute change, as if they have, that’s going to make a lot of people very unhappy. And yea anyone that’s new to the game really isn’t going to have that good of a time, or once they realise how much they’re going to have to grind, they’ll just think nevermind, I’ll play something else lol

  8. Good video, +1 sub. I’d encourage anyone who’s as p****d at Wargaming as I am to make their feelings known in the official forum. I suspect though that they’ll only listen to us is if we hit them where it hurts: The wallet.

    • Thanks for subscribing! That’s definitely a good idea, as it’s the most likely places wg will look for feedback.

      One of my clanmates spent about an hour draughting up a post and it could speak for most people at the moment as to how it’s affected the game, so I hope someone at wg sees it

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