World of Warships New Commander Skills Destroyer Guide

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World of Warships 0.10.0 has launched, and with it, the Commander Skills system has received a complete overhaul. Gone are the cookie cutter loadouts and now players are actually going to have to take serious consideration into whether or not they want to take on an offensive or more defensive approach to their loadouts. This guide is a walkthrough of the new WoWS commander skills for destroyers and shows you each skill, as well as a mock loadout for a Russian DD. The New Commander Skill rework also has some nice features that were largely absent before, and I think players will come to appreciate those small things.


  1. Says IFHE is not a good pick, selects IFHE to show the skill, forgets he picked IFHE and laments not having enough skill points for Fearless Brawler.

    Me facepalming and begging my screen that zoup sees before clicking [MASTER]

    Oh well, I’m not taking Swift in Silence on my Khaba. That sounds perfect for Shima, Halland, and even Daring. But Khaba is loud and proud and that 5% Main Battery Reload penalty goes against Khaba’s strength. I’m taking the Main Battery skills for range and reload, and Fearless Brawler with the UU to try to turn up Khaba DPM. I’ll see how 10km detect Khaba goes with 10% extra dakka

  2. the german bb now has bad secondarys. so after time goes by and they fix things it will cost you gold to go back to a secondary build. ie in time as they fix capitan skills it will not be free to change.

  3. I somehow never pick Priority Target for DDs. If I’m in a DD, if I’m spotted, I assume I’m being shot at.

    • It can be helpful DD hunting. I can tell whether the DD I am focusing has support and whether I need to hide or go all in on attacking.

    • It makes a huge difference actually. I keep pushing if nobody shoots me and only retreating if somebody aims at me besides my target (eg 2 or more). Without PT you will play more passive.

    • I only took it if I had a leftover point, no other 1pt skill was worth taking on a DD, and now it’s 2 points so I’ll never take it

    • @TheWildcard4542000 depends on the player really. I always take it on all my ships.

    • To an extent, I agree with you. If you’re in a torpedo boat, you can play it like that because you don’t want to get in gunfights anyway. But if you’re in a gunboat or a hybrid, it’s not a bad idea to know if you’re targeted by 1 ship (can dodge, or maybe pick a fight if it’s also a DD) or 5 (should probably disengage and try to go dark, so I’ll stop firing my guns).

  4. I’m getting Lutjens activated on my secondaries all the time. So I guess they must be hitting something. I think they’re fine.

  5. tip about GK, never fight more then one target with secondary guns

  6. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Thanks for those review!

  7. At timestamp 2:32
    THAT’S an understatement! I was giddy about all the a kid in the candy store with their parents debit card while they’re traveling through Europe on a 2 week reenactment of their honeymoon!

  8. At timestamp 6:16
    Good point! And since you can make several selection to see how it would affect the ship in the readouts, as you just said, and do so without committing to those selections, you save doubloons!

  9. I would’ve used the 2 points and put them to good use for now. You can always reset it once you’ve accumulated the other 2 points and use it then!

  10. I think that with so many skills and so many possibilities (and impossibility to have right now 21 point captains where I had 19 p) it’s really pity that WG gave us just one month of free resets 🙁 It’s no chance to try it all…

  11. Khabarosk 19 point commander, respecced to keep the same skills, I am one skill point short. Thanks WG.

  12. You again demonstrate why you are my favorite CC. The others out there crying about the game is broken demonstrate their lack of maturity.

    Of course there will be tweaks to come. And don’t be so quick to judge game flow based on the experiences of the first night after a big change. Everyone is trying out new things with their best captains, in preferred ships. Except that going in and react to it being honest with yourself of what it is.

    Good review Zoup. Thanks

  13. where is my tylenol with over 200 ships this is going to take a while, oof.

  14. Not playing much at all since commander debacle

  15. Why would they take away the ability to use the “Vigilance” skill for the destroyer commanders? For example, it was perfect for the commander of my shimakaze to effectively prevent the torpedoes of various European DDs traveling at absurd speeds.

  16. Went out in my Ohio yesterday and I feel like my secondaries were hitting. Might have to take another look.

    • i went in most of my german bb’s yesterday and they were hitting things just fine. zoup had to of had the worst rng.

  17. Can’t live without PT. If I’m pushing a cap and I find that I’m targeted by 3 or 4 enemies then I’m speed boosting out of there….

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