Community Catributors – A World of Warships Podcast (Ep.1)

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  1. Back when the Puerto Rico Event happened, I had the fear that it was marking a sea change in the way they managed the game, in that they were going to turn the monetization factor up to 11. Unfortunately, it looks like that was the case.

  2. Coming to auction house soon, 100 x Missouri, followed by 100 T7 Belfast

  3. Thomas Bernecky

    I was going to watch this live until my monitor took the great dirt nap.

  4. Pretty good conversation about this silly boat game. BTW, I agree that many of the camouflages are visually very cool, even without the benefits. It would be good if player was allowed to organize camos to put the ones that we most assuredly don’t want to accidentally use up to a lockbox or at least to the bottom of the selection menu.

  5. So I must be in the minority, I actually enjoy the Z-39………

  6. Very enjoyable talk; looking forward to more!
    The strange Kong/Godzilla collaboration I feel is the shitty half of a bigger deal with Warner Bros. WG gets two movie collaborations in one deal, on that Warner wants to buff (Kong/Godzilla) and one that’s really attractive to Wargaming (some upcoming naval movie?). So this is WG’s minimal effort to fulfil the lesser half.

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