World of Warships: Mass Minotaur in Clan Battles

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TSUN thought it would be fun to try mass Minotaur in Clan Battles. It went better than expected.

0:00 Mass Minotaur Match
10:15 End Screen
10:37 Captain Skills & Upgrades
10:44 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy light cruiser Minotaur.


  1. Someone’s Son

    New vid yaaaaaa

  2. audio is lagging because of all the shell’s the team puts down-range !

    • Captain: Is that hail I’m hearing?

      Helmsman: Nope, AP!

    • Theres two ways for audio lags, 1 when the audio card can’t handle so many sounds, and the second which is packet loss which he mentioned, but you can tell that he had packet loss (just listen to his fellow mates closely at around 5:20). If the games audio cuts out thats because of the too many sounds of shells being fired/hitting something or landing in the water ;p

  3. North Carolinian Mapping

    Try 5 Minotaurs? Plus a BB for blaps and DD for spotting

  4. Silliness and such should be rewarded 🙂

  5. Wish I could have friends to play with like this, too bad they all quit at tier 5

  6. Christopher Langbakk

    more of this please!

  7. Love these kind of videos haha

  8. This was great !! What a game!

  9. More of this please

  10. The server survived all the shells rendering? ROFL

  11. Артём Шепелев

    When you and the boys decided that 3 Minotaur division is not enough and created a clan to run 5 Minotaur divisions

  12. Just filthy. Absolutely filthy. More please!

  13. Minotaur is one of the most underated ships in the game, even after the smoke upgrade of a few years ago. Because now you have to play differently, and its harder. But if you play well, its fabulous. one of my highest average damage ships, most krakens of any of my ships.

    Its a DD hunter extraordinaire, its got huge DPS, it can shred enemy ships at mid to close range and in the worst case, its an incredible ambush/brawler with the torps, as long as you can angle well on the run in.

    Its hard to do well, but its really a great ship. (although of course it was better before radar proliferation in 2018-19 era)

  14. HoneyBadgerflys


  15. jajajajajaja what a troll strategy but really really worth it! Well played!

  16. lol! my clan did 6 Marcueas and a salem and won 😛 try that next. Keep the vids coming aerroon 🙂

  17. Duncan Hamilton

    Reminds of the happy time in WOT, where my clan would just take troll/stupid stuff into CB and win because the opposition tactics and tanks just couldn’t cope with something that wasn’t meta.

    Helps if your players are good though. We were top 10 EU clan for a long time, so that helped a lot

  18. Lucianstarsmith


  19. The Lightning Count

    About a year ago, @Flambass did something similar to this.😆

    The called that configuration, “The Cancer Team”, and a bunch of babies got offended by the name.😂

  20. What my clan did was pair a Mino with an Austin. It was glorious!

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