World of Warships- Defence First Impressions: Half The Cost Of Kitakami, Twice The Fun

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier X Premium British Cruiser, Defence, enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I was tempted to get the Defence. I have plenty of coal but I’m unwilling to use steel or RB points to make up the stages. But 760,000 coal for 3 ships, 2 of which I have less interest in? Not good value in my opinion. Hopefully she will be available at a later date for a reasonable amount of resources.

    • But she is good, had some real fun with it. But ofcourse if you only couunt ship by cost maybe not. But I rather pay more for good ships, than get 2 half decent ships i just will store in port and never use or just bring to lose…

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      Ferrucio is also really good

    • Go get marseille instead and have fun m8

    • @@drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303 And believe it or not, the Elli i also had som fun in…

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      I have spend coal for 4 crates I have won from those 3k (2x 1500) db & jap T8 sub & T7 bb Hyuga that was very woth it , Elli crap , then RP mix coal to get Ferruccio (is cruiser paolo emilio fun ship to play) RP to get Defence 8/10 good ship … but I sence I will quickly forget about her , and 96 RP to get Kitakami 10/10 she is everything I ever wanted , I had battles that 10 min I done 0 dmg , just to sen 40 torps and get in that one salve 242k dmg , she is fun to play , is kinda like you play DD , fan fuctor is hight there :)))

  2. I got the Defence.. Love this ship.

  3. The Kitakami is a T4 meme cruiser at T10

  4. nice video, streamlined without the info that most of us know., more interested in your impression of a ship than stats.

  5. First 3 ships are exclusive for a year, with Kitakami for 2 years Sealord.

    • @thatinternetguyj5222

      Yeah, I am just gonna wait until next Christmas/2025 for Defence. I may have gotten it if I knew the event was happening, but I used all my RB points on USS Ohio the week before they announced it.

  6. Defence average damage 101k a game, average win rate….31%

  7. I got the elli and the Italian thing. Would be interested in reviews on both of those and the Scharhorst 43 when you get the time

  8. I been debating this ship. I got a bunch of coal and a few other resources, not sure what coal ship to get. The Malta, U-4501, or maybe a cruiser like the Salem sorta look interesting. And it’s always fun to annoy all those anti CV and sub players. I’m not the best cruiser player but the Defence just looks fun and interesting.

  9. I did get the Defense in the first 24 hours and have had a blast since. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite cruisers overall. Yes it is a bit light on armor, citadel is above water, you have to maneuver with the ship to keep it alive. But everything is build to do so, from the 4x torps per side of the bow, the the gun layout.

  10. I like the review and the ship. I don’t like the replays. Love the channel vibe. Happy holidays

    • good thing you can surf other channels or do occupational work while just listening in, SLM is not narrating his replays whatsoever.

  11. Kitakami is fun in ranked must say XD but in radoms its suffers asemetric +200k

  12. I just ground out the research points to get this last night. Not a big deal because I’ve already picked the research ships I wanted and was looking at “less desirable” ones next. This seems better than Gibraltar or Siegfried to me. Now I’ need to go play a couple of games.

  13. The AP has improved pen angles too, like Duke of York. I’ve seen some CCs say it has Des Moines pen angles, but I haven’t confirmed that myself.

  14. I played 8 matches in the defense all were full tier10-11 ships and they were all total wipes & I get focus fired from 3 angles instantly, it feels I have to work very hard to land a single good hit, while half my team is at -50% health before 5 minutes have passed. I can barely see any of the other team because they all hide perfectly somehow, yet my side has people open water cruising.

  15. I was able to get the first 3 ships and being a cruiser main, I am enjoying all 3 ships. wasn’t interested in getting the Kitakami. I would love to get her but I don’t see myself being able to in this event. maybe I will get her 2 years from now lol.

  16. Thanks Sea Lord as Player of Royal Navy Ships I think for me it’s worth a Look

  17. I ran into one of these in my Flandre and absolutely wrecked it. I’d love to have one, but I just don’t have the resources. Guess one day it’ll appear in a container when it’s been power crept to nothing.

  18. I can understand that you as a primary BB player have no real relation to the Kitakami.
    But it is a special ship which also need some special play style.
    Because i love to play my Asashio which has a near similar playstyle i think the Kitakami is a fun ship.

  19. It was fun seeing the Defence dev strike an Austin with AP.

  20. Off the top of my head I think Defense has the largest guns of any t10 cruiser, which… is something, I guess.

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