Des Moines Legendary – World of Warships

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Kinda silly game where the enemy let me dominate them at every turn, enjoy the game and use of Legendary module. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Des Moines Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord


  1. hey Notser, there is a ship in the twilight game mode, which has a special consumable which I think WG made dedicated to you. when you run into an island, you can hit that and instantly turn your ship around.

  2. No Republique legendary mod?

  3. The key to this upgrade is that you need to run the propulsion mod NOT steering gears along with this in the final slot. You’ll effectively have double propulsion and single steering gears (included in the upgrade). For a while I was running steering gears and did not notice much. Now it rockets like no one’s business and is fun – although I do miss the range.

  4. Thanks for upload Notzer 😀 I do love WOWS, but playing on NA server feels so desolate compared to EU.. Is there a way to change them? Or do I need a seperate installer? I knew on WOT you could on the game itself.

  5. Ahhhh I have learned so much from you and other CCs, Thank you so much!

    But I can’t play coz the Power Supply on my PC is dead.
    Edit: And BTW is it normal for New players who learned a lot o from CCs and then when they implement or use that knowledge In game you would feel so proud? Like I did a great play a few days ago and I was so happy because it was one of the first times I did a great play!

  6. It’s really great to hear you so excited about the DM, Notser.

  7. So pleased to see there is absolutely no US bias in this game.

    • Anubhav Mondal … of course it’s fun to play. Lol. But like anything OP it’s fun to play, but unfortunately, at the expense of other players and the game in general. Fair doesn’t translate into Russian.

    • +Tony Lynn I wouldnt go so far to call the DM op. It rewards good team player and positioning. Even though it is fairly good at bow tanking, you are severely pushed if you are caught broadside and can easily get deleted. In fact, some players think the DM is underpowered, and although I wouldn’t go so far as to call it underpowered, I wouldn’t call it overpowered either

    • Turn your sarcasm off. If anything, there’s any anti US bias in this game.

    • derek96720 Montana, Des Moines, Worcester, Missouri. Have you ever played this game?

    • +Tony Lynn none of the ships you mentioned are overpowered if you know how to counter them.

  8. Hey Notser!
    How to get such opponents?
    I mean come on! One Zao all on his own and then giving full broadside at 4 km.

  9. Okay i’m sold, big time, getting the Des Memes! got Hindy 2 days ago and was in a bit of a stalemate with myself on what to go for next. Thanks Notser!

  10. Wonder who is giving Notser these enemies? I mean they literally threw any map control in c against one single DM. Come on!

  11. I love the Des Moines, but I’ve never had great luck with it. I’m ALWAYS up against 5 – 8 BBs, ALWAYS spawn on the side with the greater number of enemy BBs, and they are very quick to focus fire on me, which forces me to have to play defensively or in a support role. Not taking anything away from Notser in terms of his experience and skill, but I think he had a lucky battle in this case.

    • BBs are no threat to DM… just right from the start go to the nearest cap (preferably close to the island) and help your DD and try to sinks enemy’s DD – then just use island and US shell arcs to burn BBs, and don’t forget to use AP against broadside BBs (even Yamato and Kurfurst) – u’ll do massive damage). Des Moines my favorite ship and (imho) the strongest.
      I don’t think than Notser been particulary lucky this game – he was almost alone at his flank – he just did everything right, taking enemy by surprise – Notser is the best – ALWAYS encourages agressive play)))

  12. cccooooooolllllllll

    “Spending money is expensive.”

    Notser 2018

  13. This the version of the Des Moine that I wanted.. but not only do we have to grind down the line to get her, we have to grind her to get her that Legendary Mod.. I hate that. I really wish WG would Buff the Des Moine to this Stage and then perhaps a different Legendary Mod.

    • Tip – grind you’re legendary mod in co-op battles, it’s quicker and easier depending on what part of the operation you are on for that ship, IE. 15 wins needed is easier in co-op than random, may sound lame playing co-op but if you want that mod 🙂

  14. That torpedo dodge at the beginning was orgasmic

  15. Pls do yueyang legend module, is it worth the grind by replacing the conceal module?

  16. Notser, those torpedo moves! That was awesome, man. I don’t have this build yet.

  17. What about salem will she ever get a legendary mod?

  18. What would be nice would be if you could purchase a second ship ie. have 2 des moines and then set them up as you liked and just use either one.

  19. Always prioritize Des Moines Worcester sauces and Herugumos and Minotaurs. If you don’t play a dakka barge then your job should be destroying dakka barges. Their impact in a match is so massive their loss will be felt by the other team.

  20. A little off topic, I have not heard any content creator mention the benefits of playing the Halloween game modes. You make credits, elite comander xp dont use flags or camos and complete missions.It is not a waste of time.

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