World of Warships – New Master is here

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Don’t forget that today at 16:00 CET KotS VII FINALS start!!!

The brand new tier 10 BB Bourgogne is back !!!
The only difference is that MGRB now lasts only 20 seconds instead of 30 and you can feel the difference when playing it but the ship is still very good.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Cant wait for this thing. Wonder if it will be for steel, coal or fxp.

  2. The AP shouldn’t be that good like it isn’t now imo or it’ll become op

    • Patrick Joergensen

      I’d much rather have an OP AP ship than another Brit-wannabe HE spamming tryhard to further make BBs more passive than they already are.

  3. 2:02 WG one upped no damage pen with no damage citadel. jk, gotta pity the ship next to Montana eating citadel while in stealth, but in return we get Flambass’s valuable reaction.

  4. Still think that for a t10 it has too little HP. 80k+ at least?

  5. Aww man no French Swearing? I’m disappointed. 😀

  6. Patrick Joergensen

    If this is another steel ship that forces me to play ranked and Clan battles, I won’t even bother trying to get it.
    Way too much frustration getting the currency compared to e.g. Krohnstadt unfortunately ?

  7. 155 shell hits with 300k dmg that means each shell did less than 2k on average. so, in other words, YOUR JUST MAD COS BAD lol. EDIT: 126k fire dmg that means each shell was closer to like 1k dmg so YOUR EVEN BADDER.

  8. Kemping border firing HE like Elite Conquerer Kapitan!

  9. IF you jest whant to HE Spam with BB play The Brits.. Do you think that like to see a HE BB spamer ?? No Thank you…
    I dislike.. and No more Sub to your channel ???

    • This isn’t HE spamming. This is using the best ammo available in the moment. Smaller callibre guns and crappy AP performance means a lot of HE gets used.

    • Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

    • +Gareth Fairclough .. I have 5 tums up.. you have 1 .. maybe is more than jest me Dislike a Youtuber HE Spaming all time.. ZAO and Brits are much better ships if you like one Ammo only..

    • +Gareth Fairclough Wen I was playing this game for the firs time.. you.. played with your dick.. in the sandbox..

    • +Daniel Bencar ohhhh sooo Edgy! Me scared!
      I played this in alpha testing. 😉

      As it happens, I did actually play with my dick in a sandbox. Several times in several sandboxes, in fact.
      They were called “Iraq” and “Afghanistan”.

      And look at you with your whole 2 more thumbs up than me. I bet you are so well endowed as a result? s/

      And he wasn’t spamming HE all the time, he did fire AP, even though it was basically worthless to do so. What people like you fail to understand, is that sometimes you are forced to either fire HE or do no damage in a situation.

      Now kindly go forth and multiply.

  10. The best thing about this video is I just watched a Flamu vid where some enemy player got really salty that Flamu, named Solanime at the moment, shot him with HE from his BB (he was nose in). He went on a long rant about how only idiots fire HE from a BB and how Solanime should watch some good players like Flamu or Flambass to learn never to fire HE.

  11. From what I can tell, your potential damage also includes shots that hit and do damage to you but aren’t citadels if you are in anything other than a DD. For them its all based on penetration damage. Then there is the stuff that either came real close or hit and did zero damage.

  12. croat right < my grand son joined lol

  13. More proof that Flambass is a dirty WASD hacker.

  14. Bourgogne and jean Bart… on my list, I want them !

  15. GG well played as always but at the beginning your team had a Yammy down south at the cap as you retreated north, they were focusing him not you so much I thought? They had to remove him to go safely northwards as he was tucked into those islands and would have had their flanks as they came by.
    So GG but there was a team there I think 🙂 Some sucked but other didn’t, I think your CV contributed more then he was credited for in the results, but I hate having planes in the game so, that’s OK 🙂
    I wasn’t sure why you stuck with HE so much, I thought there were several good AP targets at times but I don’t know that ship.
    Fun to watch regardless, I would have turned before the border and gotten myself killed when you stuck it out and killed the Henry and harassed the BB’s as they tried to cap.

  16. I think it should show the rewards you would have earned just to give us a better review of the battle. I assume they just stop it registering but why not just stop it recording them?

  17. Really hope they’ll buff the AP, the game really does not need more HE spam BBs

  18. Good game! on losing all of your dds: if you have a Brit Cr/Zao left, those are stil better than nothing 🙂 provided they know their craft and/or can be supported

  19. Le Conqueror nouveau est arrive! Dat double witherer even with that initially bad fire rng…

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