Dominant Alaska – World of Warships

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Fun game in Alaska as tier, get the chance to really shine. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next !

Tier IX American Cruiser Alaska Replay – Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. 360p?!

  2. 360p hey this is N360pster!

  3. Remember liberals? I 'member.

    I would buy this ship but I don’t have stupid money to spend on a currently broken game.

    • how about using free exp to get it then???Instead of throwing your wallet at the screen?
      Also tell me a online game that is not broken?Recent one not from the previous century.

  4. Notser – would you consider doing a video on armor angling? I know there are a few older videos out there but be curious to see you do a complete break down. 🙂

  5. Gee, both Flamu and Notser changed their thumbnail recently

    I wonder who else will

  6. “And this Musashi volunteer’s his side profile” haha love it!

  7. this is such a good and well balanced premium.something unique which requires a lot of skills to play

  8. Colonel David Davenport

    I love this ship! My new best ship – consistent and strong!

  9. This video demonstrated why you dont go A in force on that map.

  10. Does your 1 key on your keyboard not work? Jesus so many times HE would have easily done the job.

  11. guns on the alaska are hilarious! citadels left and right

  12. Nice game Notser.

  13. Notsers biggest challenge this game: Dodging islands which are charging him.

  14. Oh boy. how I want her after seeing more and more replays of her! Currently on 700k free exp, hope to get her soon! GG Notser.

  15. Notser gave away the secret of how to play wows, “all I’m trying to do is stay back and not be the primary threat of the enemy.”

  16. Good instructional on the strengths of the Alaska. Now if Dell will get my new hard drive shipped i can reload and play my Alaska !

  17. Very nicely played, Notser! You did everything perfect! You can also second guess target selection but as long as there’s a reason for going with the play that you did, there’s never any fault in that.

  18. Its silly that you can straight up buy it fron the Premium shop

  19. Notser can you ask Wargaming if they can alter the island blocking the target icon. Instead of a picture of a mountain they could have one small icon per turret to give your more info on which turret can’t shoot over the island 🙂

  20. I finally have the free XP ,but i love seeing the 1000000 total!!

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