Dont Sleep On Nelson! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. But I’m never in a good mood…

  2. Wish I had a good friend to play with like you spartan…

  3. i can agree that the nelson does loon like an weaponized oil tanker or one those giant cargo ships that go under bridges and through the mississippi river but with guns

  4. lol Nurnberg trying to burn you down… Pretty funny for a cruiser that has the ‘Sparkless’ nerf that means it has a below average chance to set fires… I think the default is about 2-5% fire setting chance.

    Great video Spartan!

  5. Nelson a very good Battleship with AP and HE because of tier 6 to only meet tier 5 6 and 7 ships

  6. It really is until it gets dev struck

  7. Yeah folks sleep on AP but a lot of reds assume you’ll fire HE and so having AP loaded can catch folks off guard

  8. Did you know? Nelson and Rodney actually had nicknames in real life making fun of their resemblance to oil tankers!

  9. Good gameplay spartan and I love that cool kill shot you did on the Italien bb, that was just so good. I will see if I remember wher you aimt at it, so I can try next time i run into a Italien bb. Good job

  10. Spartan I was wondering if you would like to play wows legends with me

  11. BaguetteManufacturer

    I mean when you think about it, Nelson is an oil tanker with artillery…

  12. Can we get a video on the Mogador spartan? Not many out there !

  13. Hell of a camo!

  14. Almost posted last night asking to see Nelson just because of your tendency to go bow in matching up so well with it. With as many times as you’re not able to bring the rear turret on target to avoid exposing your sides it seems like a perfect fit. 🙂 (Or even avoiding the wait time it takes to flip the rear turret nearly 270 degrees around to shoot over the other front shoulder)

  15. With Nelson’s all I try to do is destroy the front guns.

  16. Love the vid.

  17. Fun fact… Nelson and Rodney were nicknamed Nelsol and Rodnol by the RN sailors because of their oil tanker like profile.

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