FASTEST RELOAD in the game?

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  1. That Smolensk getting destroyed in less than 5 seconds Jesus holy moly

  2. 3:50 nice torps, don’t forget to communicate with your team !!!!

  3. Anubhav Mukherjee

    Austin on Reload boost: Look at me! I am the ciws now.

  4. Nice round, well played ^^

  5. 13:05 is what the Austin calls Freedom mode.

  6. I saw the mighty jingles video before this and u have to admit that the Austin is overpowered in this gamemode

  7. 13:12 What freedom actually means

  8. Ive done the math, with max AR + Halsey + Reload buffs + TGG + RB + Reload Mod, the Austin has a reload, for 15 seconds, of .725 seconds. If the Austin then has max damage buffs, that means that, for those 15 seconds, the Austin has 3.5 MILLION DPM, outputting nearly 1000 shells PER minute. However, this is only during that reload booster. The highest sustained DPM belongs to the F Sherman, which, with its SAP shells, can reach nearly 1.2 MILLION dpm.

  9. I still remember when i played i bought myself Atlanta Premium ship and it was really nice just keep spamming Shells ingames and dominate but all those nerfs.. Players always ruin everything eventually because they think something is too OP and its needs nerf.

  10. And people who play these will try to tell you they ain’t overpowered

  11. “World of Warships it a balanced and realistic game” Me: Yeah sure….

  12. I like at the end the way that buoy floated right through the ship lol

  13. 13:04 and he said to me, “Now i am become Death, Destroyer of worlds”

  14. I saw this episode on Jingles’ channel and it’s hilarious what the Austin did to that Smolensk

  15. Gameplay starts at 4:30

  16. no one is talking about the turnspeed of the turrets they turn 180 degrees in like 3 seconds

  17. I remember that Austin. Didn’t expect this rate of fire. I was shocked meow

  18. Razors Edge Outdoors

    That Mogador DD had idea no idea what he was in for @8:49

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