Dutch Cruisers Wows News World of Warships New Ships in Update 0.10.6

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Wows New Update 0.10.6 World of Warships News Dutch Cruisers Early Access Event New Ships+ much more in the game all about warships!

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0:00 Dutch Cruiser Early Access News Release Update 0.10.6
1:00 Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter Gameplay
2:17 Dutch Cruiser Airstrike Consumable
3:05 New Rewards Dutch Tokens Perma camoflages and Rotterdam Port
5:02 Other Changes and St Petersburg port updated



  1. Drużyna Hardrada

    WG forgot (they said they will add it in one of the films) add in 10.05 possibility to buy containers for Olahkoma collection …..

  2. Hello and welcome everyone, update 0.10.6 rapidly approaches and with it comes the release of the Dutch Cruisers into early access. Just a short news video today with more individual first look videos at the Dutch cruisers in the coming days. Let me know in the comments what you think about these Dutch cruisers and which ones would you like to see first and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

    • I was laying in bed the other night thinking of warships. I turned to my wife and said i wanted De Ruyter and she called me a pig. Im pronouncing this all wrong me thinks.

  3. this is going to be in july ? i didnt see this on my prime for june

    • De Ruyter is now available on Amazon/Twitch prime, make sure to check your prime loot under world of warships while the Early access event will start in Mid July

  4. Airstrikes. That Command & Conquer feeling.

  5. Why dutch tokens and not TULIPS? That would be more fun

  6. Steve Clarky Clarkson

    These little Dutch fellas look quite sneaky!!

  7. So, there will not be a Dockyard evento to get De Zeven Provincien?

    • It has not being announced yet so probably the dockyard event for the De Zeven Provincien will be 0.10.7

    • @Carbine Carlito Oh! Thanks, CC! You brought hope back to my soul. I was really looking forward to that.
      One more reason to wait for your videos, even more than any c0vid news! Keep this great work! Best regards!

  8. Thank you for the Dutch Cruisers update, one question, what mod do you use that shows the bearing of your target and your bearing in the middle?

  9. The food on the Dutch ships can compared to the Italian ships. The Lepanto for example has 6 pizza ovens on board.

  10. Isn’t there supposed to be a new dockyard event coming along with the introduction of dutch cruisers, just like with the new german DDs?

  11. Statswise, it seems quite filthy. Aristrike consists of 48 planes, it has ridiculous AA and great HE DPM. It’s going to be the only dutch light cruiser as far as I know, since the tech tree mostly consists of heavy cruisers.

  12. I’m ready for the NDA to be lifted so you can review the higher tiers. These ships look like I might want to drop all my grinds when they release for them.

  13. AliveWithPassion

    Of course!!!!! Another Epic video,CC! Awesome stuff! Thanks again for posting it.

  14. Do u mind sharing the mods u are using ?
    I can’t find some of those in Aslain mod im using currently.

  15. Thanks cc for yours videos and information about new ships but i think WG going too fast and we cant catch them i wanna say we have play all day to caught all and time is so expensive…i think it will be better if we access to old ship’s like slava…or Ohio or Puerto Rico…i love this game but really its hard

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