[EN] World of Warships: Legends | 2 Years Strong

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This Friday marks 2 years since we started this journey in early access. Watch the Special 2 Years Stream with our hosts Princeblip and T33kanne and 2 special guests from cold Russia.

You can expect
– CVs gameplay and tips
– long-awaited Suzuya
– New premium ships
and a Giveaway!


  1. Moist.

  2. I can already guess that German planes are gonna be super fast and British planes are gonna be super Tanky

    • Like a few of the Axis ships in the game, they never made it into production. These fake ships ruin part of the game for me.

    • It’s an arcade game with history involved, nothing’s ever gonna be realistic in the game and you shouldn’t go in looking for that experience

    • @Dom_ Miller exactly
      Where you are going to see a Yamato Hitting the Bismarck, or Tirpitz and Iowa in the same team?
      This is the fun part of the game

    • @Dom_ Miller you’re missing the point. There’s more than enough ship’s and classes that can be used without resorting to putting fictitious ships in the game. Eg the vanguard was designed for 16 inch rifles but it was fitted with 15s because that’s what they had in stock. Should wargaming have fitted 16s or 15s in game ?

    • @Auto culto I still haven’t heard a good reason why ship designs shouldn’t be in the game they may ruin the game for you but not for the majority

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  4. American AA is scary stuff.I will wait for Montana to come to burial

  5. Pongan acorazados italianos

  6. Please

  7. Minecraftwizzard 2010

    Need to nerf some ships because their anti air makes the game unbalanced

  8. StickMasterCaleb 32

    What did I miss that they’ve said was coming or changing?

  9. I’m glad to hear the sound system overhaul is coming in a few months. Also…..Montana…..when???????????

  10. LightningAssault.com

    Weak AA ships make this game unplayable for these particular ships.

  11. All those people without Jean Bart are mad lol

  12. The Iowa’s plotting room is definitely broken. I get massively more damage and citadels with it off.

  13. Stone the crows.

  14. German Carriers. Just what we need, more make believe Axis ships that were never built. Why do you continue to do this when there are so many great ships that were REAL and saw service ? How about a real Royal Navy cruiser (HMS Furious) with two 18 inch guns ? At least it’s a ship that was actually built, unlike the legendary GK and Siegfried.

    • wait HMS Furious? you probably made a mistake since it was a carrier.Also the reason why there’s more axis ships coming like the German aircraft carrier is that people want them.Not to mention that playing the Japanese and American carriers would get boring.

    • @bruh moment hms furious was a cruiser before it was a carrier

    • The furious was a carrier she was layed down as a cruiser but ended up a carrier

    • And also there was a German carrier but never saw service

  15. Hello World of warships…….can you please add a Duke of Edinburgh class cruiser and the the battleship valiant to the tech tree in legends….thank you

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