These Players Can Be Problematic In World of Warships.

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So today in world of warships we’re going to be going through some of the players/ships that you might run into in your time playing world of warships. These players include the vermont player, the shimakaze player, the thunderer player, cv players….. and the riga players, world of warships can be trying at the best times but overall world of warships is pretty fun to play, I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. As an American, I am required to outline that *not everyone here is obese*, but there is one kind of player you forgot. The dreaded American Boomer.

    • Characteristics of the American boomer are playing exclusively USN ships that actually existed, or is OP and convenient, is average to below average in high tier, generally plays low to middle tier.

    • The Dreaded American boomer avoids voice communication at all costs, even during clan battles

    • @Space Ventura and whales Puerto Rico without a second thought because American ship.

  2. As a regular cv player, you tend to end up with 1 of 3 teams. 1. A team that stomps the enemy SO hard you could go AFK the whole match and still win. 2. A team that dies so fast no amount of help can save them. 3. that team that is silent other then spotting DDs cus that is like the ONLY thing anyone EVER asks me to do.

    BTW on a unrelated note, Given how HE has been changed to PEN what its PEN actually is, do ya think the Japanese 100mm could have their “special” pen modifier removed? Like the only reason they got that “special” pen in the first place is cus THEY SUCKED under the normal 1/6th rules. Which is why the Italian 90mm Secondary’s are also USELESS (i did the math 15mm of pen if i did it right).

    Like 100mm has lets see what times 6 goes into 100….. 20 goes in 5 times, so thats what 20 something mms of pen.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      4. The teams that when spot the DD they still want to shoot at a BB but every time you try to strike anything other then a DD they scream

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