World of Warships- Felix Schultz First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we go over the new Tier IX German Destroyer, Felix Schultz, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I think these ships should have been described as
    ” want to know what it’s like to be a German bb secondary battery”

  2. I’m beginning to think hybrid ships like this is sorta helping throw the match making even more out of wack XD

    • Yeah same with super cruisers

    • It’ll just encourage more people to play the Russian cruisers since if this abomination of a line ends up being your only DD, stealth radar will be able to save you from the horror that is a DD that can’t DD

  3. 2:24 Man, why are those life rafts on the side of the gun so low resolution? Even the art department is having a hard time caring about these ships

  4. sup gm, at 2:40 [made me chuckle about norton that program is so useless. but that is a long story] about this ship. This is why despite alot of people saying this line is horrendous, it has something that can work. I think they should still have some form of hydro or an engine boost for the consumable and maybe like you suggested a form of an heal.

  5. I’ve got a normal 12pt captain in my Z-44, which has a detection range of 6.1 (2.9 in smoke) and torp reload of 65 seconds. I’ll stick with what I’ve got thanks. It’ll be better once the captain has a few more points too!

  6. wait!! did you see the AA range??

  7. Wait, I also got this ship in my first bundle…

  8. So this is a gunship line?? All in gunships that support the main classes and have great AP? Actually sounds kind of legit
    With this in, I wonder what the Captani Romani is gonna be like.

  9. Hey, good video as always, finally someone that does not put a standard dd captain on it and wonders why its bad. But I would change the build a little bit. “Fearless Brawler” is, in my opinion, not that good for these ships, becuase they are slow and not very manouverable. Instead, i would take “Extra-Heavy AP Shells”, as it will increase the dpm by 5% (7.5% in 0.10.4), even when in smoke. Furthermore, I would eject one of the 1 point skills and take “Main Battery and AA Specialist”, for additional dpm and aa. This build would have more dpm and that dpm wouldn’t fall off when using smoke.

  10. Actually together with its size the 25mm plating that this ship has is actually a bit problematic cause because of it, normal light cruiser shells (like Clevelands for example) get armed and don’t overpen, resulting in you taking nasty amounts of damage.

    • A Cleveland will always shoot HE at DDs, so overpens won’t happen in the first place, regardless the armor

    • @Stefano Crosazzo yeah true, just in the cases that a cleve has AP loaded, it would do even more damage than HE, how often that happens is another thing, was just an interesting thing to keep in mind

    • @ThePametanAnanas Another interesting thing is that practically, if not all cruisers these are meant to hunt out DPS them. So, hope whatever light cruiser you’re hunting is a potato with no support or you’ll be in davy Jones’s locker in no time

  11. So Warship builds a mediocre oddball Answer to a Question the players never asked.

  12. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    I got the T8 yesterday and managed to get 17 citadels in my first game, including 10 on a kaga. This feels like one of those lines that originally is panned, but once the pros figure out how to use them they’ll become really powerful

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Enigma N not really. French DDs are fast DDs with no protection, great HE and engines made of paper.

      KMS alt DDs are bulky DDs with incredible AP, German sonar and consistent high burst DPM

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Have you ever actually seen an ambush build kleber?

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Enigma N that’s not one of the lines I’ve played, so no

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Yeah so, FR dds from tier 8+ are essentially just these new german dds but better. they have less ap pen but still more then enough to citadel most light cruisers at medium ranges

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Carriers, he secretly loves them but he can’t admit it. He’s very tsundere about it.

  13. Steven Wiederholt

    “I See Nothing. I Know Nothing!” 🙂

  14. So basically the German DDs are wows on legendary difficulty nice to know

  15. I got Schultz too and so far I’m really enjoyed so much plus I’m good DD player as well but this ship is far better than Z-31 and I have not got Gustav destroyer yet just getting there lol

  16. Hm I see they turned them into Italian torps except they are more stealthy for slow speed

  17. I feel like they make every german ship so that they can only be fun when you have Lutgens on and have the perks activated

  18. 6:46 Wow! I’ll have to get the Schultz with Lutjens so I can get a reload time of around -1.5 seconds! People won’t even realize what hit them!

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