EXETER UK 203mm Cruiser || First Gamplay and all Stats || World of Warships

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  1. Why is this tier 5 when Aoba is tier 6? The two ships are virtually identical, Aoba had the better torps with the Long Lances but Exeter had faster firing guns. The tier 5 UK CA should be the Hawkins class with their odd 183mm guns, then Exeter, then the older Counties at tier 7 and the up-armored Counties at tier 8. After that paper ships.

  2. Exeter vs Graf Spee REMATCH needed.

  3. So will this be another overpowered ship wg will release and sell the hell out of? Then claim they need to “balance” it, after they got their money of course. Buyer beware, before buying, check out what they want to do to some existing premium ships.

  4. This player…

  5. Very nice! Thank you!

    Next we need the County class and Dido class. Happy thoughts.

  6. Didn’t HMS Exeter fight with the KMS Graf Spee outside the River Platte, Montevideo??

  7. WhAt was the other 2 cruisers & were they heavy or light?

  8. This feels a little too much for T5. I think T6 is a better fit – given that the E-class (Emerald) is a T5 on the light cruiser side, the T5 UK heavy cruiser should be the Hawkins class.

  9. Should be T6

  10. Un aoba en tier 10

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