First Look // HMCS Yukon / “Look how they massacred my ship”

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Or, how to turn the easiest of wins into a massive debacle, WG style.


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  1. 2nd comment. They totally messed up.

  2. “Maybe the managers will actually listen to them” – X to doubt.


  3. Sir Osis of Liver

    The whole project was weird. The closest Canada ever had to battleships was a deal to pay for two Queen Elizabeth class BBs, but that fell through when the costs became apparent.
    Why didn’t they base something on HMCS Quebec, a Fiji class, or HMCS Ontario which was the rechristened HMS Minotaur (53)?
    The whole thing was stupid before it even started.

    Regardless, good video Jedi. Always look forward to your take.

    • They used a battleship because wg wanted to use a battleship for canada day.

    • Farkel Rysunhope

      Give me your £€¥$ is the only thing WG was thinking

    • IIRC the review by LWM did mention proposing one of the Fiji’s, but the Canadian ships had a slightly different look than the one currently in game, and WG had not made any of their 3D model staff available for this project (presumably because this was supposed to be simple and fast project, that could be ready in time for Canada Day 2020). Hence, a simple reskin of an existing ship was chosen instead.

  4. Good video. Thx phj

  5. Robert Pettigrew

    Talking to friends about this and loved the comment that LWM is on Jingles level of love by the community 🙂 (Ok some of you may not like Jingles but you have to admit the general feeling there 🙂 )

  6. Business as usual at WG

  7. Jedi, you are really quite good at this game
    I enjoy watching you play
    Wish you would stream now and then, even for an hour or so

  8. LittleWhiteMouse is the entire systems QA and documentation department that Lesta just never has bothered with. And also a helpful, charming and humorous person. I’m sure individuals at Lesta/WG didn’t want this humiliating debacle to happen, but it’s almost more condemning that it happened anyway. I don’t think management will listen, the root of the problem surely *is* the management.

    • Nope. It’s a transient PR issue only. As long as the management are hitting their sales targets, no one cares. The vast majority of players don’t visit the forums, or take an interest in YouTube videos. The game ( it’s a business first and foremost) has a high churn of players. Long term players are in the minority so can be ignored. Lester studios have won awards for their profitability, go figure. They are doing it right. Right for them that is.

  9. Only fools and horses work for no money. Lessons learnt? They were dealing with a tax avoiding money making machine, and they expected some sort of empathy? Management have key performances indicators to achieve or else no bonus. From their point of view it’s a PR issue only.

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