Flandre Initial Thoughts – World of Warships

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New premium tier 8 FR BB, Flandre.

Here are my initial thoughts about this ship.

So if this skill gets reworked or removed it’s very questionable what will happen to its accuracy.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. that joke wasn’t true… WG would TAKE AWAY the sheet to fix the problem :o(

  2. Saw this happen live. I was hoping to see this uploaded

  3. 10:38 Look at that incredibly skillful dodge

  4. Finally, a balanced premium.

  5. Make Beer Not War

    do it like me and delete your account. it takes a month and you can sleep well again 😅

  6. “Why I have only 8 hits with the secondaries?” *4 of the 7 guns of that side were burnt down* lol

    • Droid Motorola 388

      The left side of the secondary’s was fine and the DD he was firing at was on his left. There was where he asked why his secondarys only had 8 hits. But the other one near the end was on his right.

    • Can they even pen that DD? Those are 100mm turrets.

  7. Man they really don’t like the secondary meta do they ?

  8. Honestly, im just waiting for the SUBMARINE update and whatever happens after that, because i guarantee it will be LEGONDARY. At least we will all die laughing, maybe crying.

  9. What ever happened to your buddy Monkey ?

  10. Istvan Gabor Vida

    Purely brilliant skills you bave my friend, dodging torps while you are laughing your ass off !!!! Noice

  11. Breaking News:
    WG removes Flambass from the CC Program.

    Breaking News II:
    Flambass joins Flamu at the table of Ex-CCs that dared to speak their mind.
    Rumours have it, they enjoy some glasses of whiskey together enjoying the new accomplished freedom.

    Breaking News III:
    WG Headquarters in flames.

  12. This isn’t Flandre initial thoughts, this… this is something else

  13. April WhiteMouse

    I lost hair with the flashbacks Flambass inspired.

  14. My heart goes out to you CC’s for dealing with a lousy company.

  15. From Flamu’s story, I already realized that the supper SMART WG employees are totally mad.

  16. DarkestVampire92

    “They nerfed Kremlins AA, and you know why? To make them push and play more aggressively”

    I think you meant to say *They nerfed Kremlins AA to make Carriers have an easier time playing the game, because Carriers are the number one priority on the spreadsheet according to Flamu’s theory*

    • Pretty much. Those same hits that nuke your AA do the same to secondary battery and now you cant brawl either because after a couple hits with HE they are all broken so now you have to stay even further back because you cant even fend off a DD with secondarys.

    • Technically it is. His suspiciousness was correct. The more you play AA games, the less you get CVs, and the more torpedo boats or weak battleships, the more CVs there are!

    • Theory? You haven’t seen the video where they want equal “popularity” not necessarily real balance.

  17. 4:43 Flambino doesn’t know his favourite map that well besides the middle channel 😀

  18. Cat With Bag on Head

    “Whoooo in da fuk, put an island, over here! It just dropped from the fucking sky!” AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. To those that don’t have Arkansas beta, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything, lol.

  20. seeing how easy it is to burn, someone should make a petition to change its name to “Flambe”

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