The most Overpowered Ship in World of Warships

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There are many strong ships in World of Warships. In the right hands, many are truly devastating. One ship though has always been overpowered, and always will remain overpowered. That ship is the Kamikaze. With 5.4 km concealment and torps with a 40 second reload, I would feel comfortable taking this ship into a high tier round. There is a reason why you can’t get it anymore. If it isn’t the straight up most OP ship overall in WOWS, at the very least, it is hands down the most OP DD.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get back out there with this thing.

  2. Mephiztopheleze Mephiztopheleze

    The tier III HMAS Vampire is pretty op and perfectly capable of holding its own when uptiered.

  3. This makes me imagine would be like to take the Harekaze into a tier 5 match…

  4. Always thought the Clemson was bonkers at T4!

  5. Remember when you would love to take a Minekaze into a tier 8 battle. The early days

  6. Donald Wrightson

    Gryphon is an absolute terror when he sails it!!!

  7. The USS Austin is great at one thing. Causing uncontrollable laughter in small bursts then exploding.

  8. I love my Kamikaze. I go back to it when I need “torpedo hits” for challenges.

  9. I don’t think I need to say much here….but glad you posted a vid of

  10. I love my Kamikazi. And yes, it’s not fair at all…lol

  11. Best thing about my Kami R, is it was completely free! 😉

  12. Oh man… Every time I have a mission for a kraken. I take the kami

  13. I remember getting her during the pearl event. She’s the number 1 DD to farm torpedo hit missions in. She’s a proud member of my collection.

  14. Fujin, aka Kamikaze R, and Tier V are the cure for my ills.

  15. I have the Kamikaze R and will agree it’s a great ship. I don’t play it much these days because I usually play BB.

  16. I have the triplets, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, and Fujin. When I need a break, they come out to play. I hate that they nerfed the Minekaze as that use to be the tech tree version.

  17. I was just road-testing my HMS Nelson and was working with an IJN Kamikaze-R… awesome little ship!

  18. The minekaze in its unnerfed state….Definitely the Kamikaze R/Fujin. its OP….I still have my ship and still play it.

  19. Kamikaze R aka Fujin. There were ships that were too OP at one time but not anymore due to power creep or got nerfed or were completely remove from the game.

  20. I whaled the Xmas event to finish list

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