Foghorn | World of Warships News: 0.8.1 PTS1, Radar and Flooding, Aviation Collection, Shards Change

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It turns out the second hotfix is being numbered because logic….

00:10 Intro, 0.8.0
00:39 PTS 0.8.1 Intro, RN CVs
01:03 shipments
01: Fly Strike Win
01:45 Air supply containers, Naval Aviation Collection, RN alternative camos
02:11 Open containers button
02:24 London port winter
02:38 Flooding changes
03:26 Radar UI changes
03:55 Radar mechanics change
04:59 Port UI improvements
05:21 Russian BBs
05:50 Shards Map Overhaul
06:23 Hotfix
06:42 1000 sub giveaway


  1. Liking the videos, quick and straight to the point!

    • That’s the plan – give you the quick facts so you can go and find out more if you want to. I actually came up with this format for a few of my clanmates who don’t have the time to keep up to date with all the various places that information is posted, and often used to ask me what’s going on. Now, they can just watch these Foghorns…. or just still ask me, lol.

  2. Love your work mate, congrats on CC status too. Cheers.

  3. PickelJars ForHillary

    RN CV’s. Just what nobody has been waiting for.

  4. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Loved the video. Keep them coming and if the gloom of London gets you down your more than welcome to move to my home town of Melbourne. Also flambass did a good video too. ??

  5. Another hotfix?

  6. no alaska then 🙁

  7. About time the flooding got nerfed. That was GK Achilles heel vs Destroyer

  8. Hey you made it to CC status.. many congrats you definitely deserved it.

  9. I still remain of the idea that instead of these new radar mechanics would have been easier to 1) have the MM split as evenly as possible the radar ships between the teams; 2) shave off a few seconds off of Russian and US CL (so that if you want long duration you are forced to invest in the special module) 3) nerf heavily the US CA radars (or even better completely remove them)

  10. A wonderful video , i love the short highlights and all the important information. Thanks!

  11. A decent news channel you got there

  12. Also congratulations on passing 1000 subscribers!

  13. Where is Alaska wheree… WarGaming no add it in a game :/

  14. Alexandre Hans Albert

    hey congrats to your CC status !

  15. Great job. Especially liked the clarification of “a round” on screen. Words matter.

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