From Russia With Guns Stalingrad Kraken 293 | World of Warships: Legends

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  1. Well that thing hits hard GG Meta. Now something for the hangover, Try hair of a dog not sure why someone would want to eat dog hair but I heard it works. See ya in next one my friend

    • Yeh, it really really does.. I feel like the lack of hydro would equal out giving it HE, but I can also understand why WG doesn’t want to give it everything from the get go

  2. New ship new kraken! GG.
    I’m at 700gxp, was thinking of the Yolo but now I’m not so sure.

  3. Wow what a great game, hmm idk so far what I have seen today with the Stalin has been really awesome very strong ship almost like a bb……

    Can’t wait for the PB video maybe a full secs builds haha, a surprise kraken not bad.

    • Have only taken PB out a couple times so far.. still getting the hang of it.

    • @metajerk hello meta that new DD Kiev has hull upgrade that add a lil cute secondary haha and I checked for the tier 7 but no secondary’s why is that doesn’t anyways hopefully this secondary’s is a lot more better just wanted to point that out, btw I’m actually loving the new dd line…..

    • @TheTexwiz doubt we can do a stealth secondary with it, sadly.

  4. I do find these ship crazy, but for 2 mill. I think it’s the same case with mighty Mo and steel, once people will start buying it, WG will add something more interesting, I expext they’ll add Ohio for either GXP or more steel, since is just an experimental Montana-Class or Thunderer

  5. Great performance as usual !

    2 mil is too much imo . You can get Atago , Massachusetts and an Atlanta for that amount .

  6. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Lucky me I’m right back to 800k after getting Yolo on release.
    Guess I’ll pull out my Eugen and get to clapping

  7. Ap only huh? Hmmm before I was definitely going to buy this ship since I have stockpiled 2.1 million gxp, but that was when I thought it would have he shells too, idk now as that takes away a lot of utility

  8. Stalingrad is a sharp looking ship. And of course you get a kraken on the first day with it!

  9. Ooohyea , I bought the Molotov after your steam last week.. so much fun. Will tide me over until Bagration and hopefully finish off Alaska this update.. GG !

    • Gonna dig deep into Bagration tomorrow, I think.. my initial feelings on it are kinda middle of the road, but I really haven’t played it enough yet and my hangover was definitely influencing my mood

  10. Did WG lend you CCs the Charles F. Hughes and Zuiho too? Great game btw love the content!

    • Those premiums we will be given to keep (at least, thats how it usually is) but not until they are actually available.. So probably in the next couple weeks

  11. You…you ah very good you! Hahaha yet another highly entertaining video señor! You are a better man than me! I’m guessing we are pretty close to the same age, judging by your movie and music references. When I go big, (which I do far too often) I don’t do much talking the next day…just alot of grunting and hand gestures! But you are able to put together some comedic gold, and also be informative! Good on ya mate…well done and keep em coming! 👏

  12. You carved that Yamato like the Thanksgiving Turkey that it is……..geeeeeeeeezz….

    The very next time you death strike a ship for this channel, you should laugh like Sheriff Roscoe.

    • Oh that would be a good one, I couldn’t muster a terrible Tom Cruise laugh in this one as my head was pounding.

    • @metajerk

      Your head was pounding? Hmm….migraine headache or way too many boilermakers?

      Perhaps a Burt Reynolds laugh might be a bit easier with a pounding head. It requires a little less intestinal fortitude.

  13. Never gonna happen. There’s no way that much GXP survives scotch soaked late night sessions.

    • Well, I can definitely say I regret boosting all the carriers lines considering how I never play them.. thats a good 1.25 million gxp right there.

  14. Damn. I wish I haven’t spent that much global xp bypassing those tier 3 and 5 aircraft carriers

  15. Is this ship going to break legendary, simply put is it actually OP

    • Unlikely.. It is pretty decently balanced, and I don’t really see how it will change Legendary Tier in any significant way.. its good at fighting cruisers and battleships, but not so much DDs.. What I do like is its clapping power though.. the dev strikes on light cruisers who normally get away with stupidity and how punishing it can be for battleships who like to sit in the open rather than move..

      Today I discovered that if you don’t have the RGA mod, ships in your gun range will appear in your mini-map but not render on screen if they’ve over 20km away.. I never knew this before because I never had a ship that could shoot over 20km.. but it feels good to citadel any battleship at 18km

  16. The patch note apparently warned us that rhey would nerf the ship later. I almost have 2mil GXP on hands but I think I would wait to see how things goes before spending all my saving 🙄 I am gonna stick with Alaska which is now a decent ship after buffed 😊

  17. Hopefully this will help the problem with new players using green xo to boost into higher tiers. Patience.

    • Well, seems unlikely new players will be able to get it too easily, first they’d need 2 million elite xp, then they’d need to blow the $260

  18. Please come back streaming meta. Just about done with every CC. Don’t think I can take it much longer.

  19. In a world where the worst take themselves too seriously, its such a joy to sit in a quiet corner of Club Jerk, and enjoy the banter and boaty brilliance over a boutique beer.

  20. is it just me or is the stalingrad just a mini russian yamato. id also loe to see another le fantasque kraken because i want to see a frenchman just whizzing past battleships at 60-70 knots

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