World of Warships – Greased Lightning

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Sadly, unlike greased lighting, HMS Lightning isn’t particularly fast, but today it’s going to need to be.

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  1. Having uninstalled world of warships, I still find Jungles’ videos damn entertaining. Great content.

  2. I’ve been playing thru this ship, and I hated it. Me like big number. Me no like play for team. That said, after I figured it out, this ship is amazing. It is an absolute pest with decent guns, good conceal, and amazing smokes. I am almost to Jutland now, and I just had an amazing game where I kept an Alsace, Jean Bart, and ZF-6 occupied for 5-10 minutes on our side’s cap with an afk scharnhorst in our spawn and the rest of my team dead.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      I’ve fallen in love with the RN DD line after the 10.7 PTS run against subs. They’re almost like a jack of all trades DD, effective against anything you may run up against in some way. I FXPed up from Jervis to Daring first chance I got.

  3. That was extremely well played, especially with the internet problems

  4. I’m never sure when I watch Jingles’ videos – do British smokescreens last long? I wonder if the cooldown is long or short…
    Some things I may never know.

  5. It’s nice when you disconnect come back to find yourself alive and have also managed to grab a cap as well…

  6. Losing your connection halway through a match is common enough – you just need NordVPN and that’ll make sure it happens on a semi regular basis! I have been lucky enough to turn off Nord and reconnect while the battle is still ongoing serveral times and, at least half of those times, I was still alive.

    • I have had similar issues with Nord VPN also when playing games.

    • I can’t remember which settings it was you have to play with but I followed a write up and adjusted some stuff and now I have no problems with dc’ing with nord running

    • @Thor Walker If it has anything to do with the router, I have no control over that so it is a dead end.

    • @Bunny Boots Ink nah it’s all settings in nord. I hit their support line up when I was having the problem and they helped me change settings in the nord app and it was good to go

  7. Jingles: “Teams on the EU server don’t communicate as well due to a lack of a common language.”
    Asia Server: “Hold my beer”

  8. I appreciate the focus on free ships. I think it helps reduce the FOMO when people see free ships, and especially free ships that aren’t too hard to reach like a tech tree T8, doing well. I assume a lot of people are freshly F2P (I know I am) so I think it’s a good thing to see more of this right now.

    • My thoughts exactly, couldn’t agree more

    • Politics with Frenchy

      All the negative press WarGaming has been getting lately actually got me to START playing for the first time! I only pay for premium time so 10$ a month but the grind is fun! Japan and Germany with a bit of UK mixed. Subs are trash though..

      I’ll never buy a premium ship, they’re outrageously priced and as you said: you can have just as much fun in tech line ships!
      (Other than the Myogi)

  9. Matthew Baraclough

    I love playing Lightning (or any British DD) in ranked. It/they are just so versatile that the small team mode is ideally suited to them, and small maps mean that their relative lack of speed is less of a problem. They are so strong against other DDs that 2k+ bxp games are pretty routine.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      Yeah I played ranked in the 10.7 PTS with the RN DDs and loved them. I FXPed up from Jervis to Daring first chance I got. Sent in a Lightning replay from the PTS to Jingles even, the title really cockteased me, thinking this could have been it.

  10. There was no real tension in the replay once the enemy Tone somehow managed to whiff his final salvo and Akizuki got outspotted in open water. Friendly Akizuki basically killed himself and made it closer than it needed to be but 2 battleships will always lose to a DD that passes the skill floor check.

  11. The one advantage of the RN short smoke is you’ll rarely sit there long enough to get torped, but your smoke effectively baits the torps which might otherwise have hit a silly old BB.

    • Huh, I never thought of it that way, good point.

    • Reminds me of the advantage of having a short gun range (specifically on the pan-euro dd’s) that allows players to fire in open water and remain stealthed so long as their target doesn’t have LOS since the bloom doesn’t expand very far.

  12. It’s nice to see a player knowing how to win just enough as opposed to the muppets who always have to win harder 🥴. Well played

  13. Might Jingles this was an EU game not NA and Owidel is a very good player over 62% that is WHY he knows what to do to win Great Game

  14. This guy has the best internet ever. Never saw a negative ping.

  15. Jingles needs to have a cash register sound play whenever the WoWs logo pops up.

  16. Lag spikes and games freezing miid-play is common here in NA. I have a supposedly 200Mbps internet connection. Still have stutters, lags, and connection drops. Despite this matches issues, very well played. Thank you dear salt mine leader.

  17. That was some incredible work on the Akizuki’s and Lightning’s side. Absolutely beautiful, well played! o7

  18. It’s times like this I’m glad that I’m on the western side of the Atlantic, while jingles is on the western side, so I get to wake up to see videos like this

  19. Did WG disable the “force reload function” on the torpedo launchers? It used to be that you could press a key and restart the reload cycle.

  20. Jingles, you were talking about the Battle of Midway and the Tone. Well, do I have an excellent book recommendation for you. It’s called Shattered Sword, the untold story of the Battlw of Midway. The book is by Jonathon Parshall and it really is outstanding. It takes a new look at the battle, particularly from the Japanese battle records. Can’t recommend it enough.

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