Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of February #2 | World of Warships

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You can find all actual deals here!


  1. EU

  2. Wargaming-Name: MaxBricks1228 (EU)

  3. gruenergermane
    =EU-Server Nickname

  4. i willy want that cruiser guys i hope u choose me as a winner
    Nickname: INVADE0R
    Server: Europe

  5. I dislike new aircraft carriers. IGN:old1998 (EU)

  6. RIP RTS Carrier :-((((
    Please change AA mechanics. It’s not fun because RNG!
    Thank you!
    ign: Schaltow
    Server: Eu

  7. I was expecting camo with pigs…
    tabris1980 (EU)

  8. Sorry Wargaming, not going to be playing anymore. You’ve completely screwed up the balance in this game. CVs are OP and worse than they were especially in the hands of a decent captain. The AA buffs only help to an extent. At the very least, give us a option to see or not see games with CVs.

  9. CandyWursty

  10. As an EX RTS player, i liked the old CV mechanics better. Rolesz81 / EU

  11. I don’t like the “Flying Shimakaze”. Getting hit with torpedo bombers every 20 seconds on a speed build and then invulnerable recall (“F” key) back to the CV sucks!

    IGN (NA) Irishman

  12. Nickname : Skyred_74
    Server : EU

  13. RIP fighters you will be miss. fighter consuable are useless as it cant fully support allied ship. i still prefer old RTS as cv can do multiple things at once, like attacking enemy, intercepting bombers or just scouting enemies with fighters.


  14. Alaska?? Hello?

  15. IGN: Lolobionda7(Eu)

  16. Please WG if Alena is wearing this kind of dress, it’s impossible to focus on any news 🙂

  17. Bubba the lone Potato

    Bub_Zilla says: WOW you look great, nice dress. The AA was bad, then it is great. THE CVs were overwhelming, now they suck again. Please find a happy medium so that people keep playing. I need to make sure there are always new potatoes to farm.

  18. K7A4 (Asia Server)
    Can you add 2 missing AA Artillery on top of Yamato’s 3rd Turret?
    Since carriers appears in high Tier battles, every AA Artillery is necessary to avoid any kind of attack of aircrafts as possible.

  19. cv rework completaly an epic fail
    Eduj – EU

  20. Nickname: Kubkonk
    Server: EU

  21. At least ranked doesn’t have CVs!
    Pandemaniac (NA)

  22. 1.Need more steel
    2.New map

    IGN :TW_Titanic
    server :NA

  23. Huba Huba Huba!

    thebes1 NA

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