Gadjah Mada Monster: Blueprint to Success – World of Warships

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Fun and intense game in the Gadjah Mada, I’m forced to deal with a lot of threats and only so much I can do about it. Enjoy the game and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII -Asian Destroyer Gadjah Mada Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Could you please reupload the video about the Freidrich der Große? You explained very well how to play her and the tactics you use 🙂 Greetings

  2. Weird, I just sank one of those :). Edinburgh, since you ask

  3. I call it the Ganja Momma, if it was possible it would have a Jamaican Capt.

  4. Awsome gunpower. Lovely torpedo with nice concealment. And okay stealth. (I guess)

    All of that make Gadjah Godline one of the most powerful DD at tier 7. And for a while make IJN DD captain reconsider if their choice for grinding IJN DD line is a right one. But with the upcoming buff (Or should I say, denerf?), that may change soon. 😉

  5. Speedboost could have helped you at the end of the game to avoid some more shells.

  6. Didn’t really understand how to play her until I racked up a significant number of hours in the Jervis, add the Haida and they’re all three a great set of DD’s with very slight flavor variations – but those guns…..

  7. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    damn notser, I feel like watching a boxing match because of your commentary

  8. Wow, that was with passion commented 🙂

  9. Fake! You weren’t instantly deleted the moment you were spotted! xD

  10. Really Notser, couldn’t you carry your team all the way into the win? I am disappointed. 😀 You can’t carry them all. 😉
    But I have the faint thought of this battle wasn’t you at all. I mean at the end, when the CV attacked you and all the ships came to hunt you down, you missed the island!!! That can’t be Notser, can it? 😀 😀
    Well played and the real winner of this game was the enemy carrier he outplayed your carrier and supported his team very good. As much as you deserved the win for your fighting, he deserved it too.

  11. The DOOM clan is not known for their brilliance. Can attest.

  12. 10:31
    Notser: There’s an enemy Colorado.
    Me: *sees Gneisenau* ummmm…Notser?

  13. Notser please tell us your thoughs on the upcoming new “Japanese Stalingrad counterpart” the mightly AZUMA tier10 IJN cruiser (9x 310mm guns according to the dev blog on FB)

  14. With your team melting you stayed focused and positive. Well done!

  15. Now THATS how you die right!…fight! till the magazines blow!!

    …give the USS KIDD a go Notser, it can handle a carriers focus when spec’d right (its my main prem grinder…its not excellent at anything, but its pritty damn good at everything!…and god damn can it take one hell of a beating with 4 heals & repair flag available)

  16. Andrew MacGillivray

    He has a video called “Gadjahroo” which is another solid map with a Gadjah Mada

  17. Not much to do when you’re team is hell bent on throwing the game.

  18. This reminds me of the WoT old forum thread “Just couldn’t carry hard enough”

  19. Notser…really appreciate 2 things on your videos. First is that you cover more than just great games in T10 ships…more relevant for the average players looking to understand the majority of ships available to them. Second the fact that you comment through your thought process during the match helps understand tactics of play style. Thanks much!

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