Guns + Planes + Fires = Good Result – World of Warships

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Recently I started playing Golden Lion again and even solo this ship in a right position, using all of your weapons, can be formidable opponent giving good results.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @oldschoolgaming4763

    Its like players playing US BB hybrids like CVs! They have awesome guns on ships like Louisiana and Kearsarge but they sit parked behind islands and launch a plane squadron every 2 min.
    Also, imagine WG in the future giving Golden Lion plane ASWs as well, so we actually have a ship that can point a huge middle finger to both CVs and Subs, do that sound nice? I almost ROFL whenever a CV tries to go for my AA specced Legendary mod Golden, and suddenly his entire squadron is gone!

    • With that worse fire duration, and more damage from flooding not really – fact is dutch cruisers are miserable, against anything that’s not a CV. Also matchmaking is random (maybe), and any time you pick an AA dedicated ship, theres no CV. If they add anti-sub ships one day, there’s gonna be no submarine when you start a game – and im pretty sure Wargambling has already rigged the matchmaking, cuz any time i pick a US or dutch cruiser – no CV’s 😀

    • @oldschoolgaming4763

      @@meganoobbg3387 I played a lot of legendary Golden since it came out and I dont feel the extra duration is that bad, but then I usually play like Flambino in this video, close to islands where very few have shots on me while I can curve my front guns around the corner and follow up with 3 strikes.
      Only thing is if I spawn on the flank with subs I usually go middle or other flank because its sucks being focused by them.

  2. Before the tab opened I thought I clicked on a Trenlass video. I see the Gleeuw virus is spreading.

  3. I don’t think you were detected, but you might have been minimap spotted by sub surveilance.

  4. when I look at the screen at some moments I see more planes then ships……true world of Warships game

  5. People seeing this game for the first time would literally think this is World of Warplanes.

  6. @mariuszsobieraj1208

    good intense game

  7. That Yamato definitely had a great time playing this match!

  8. @Unkownunknown-iw5of

    Bro share ur captain skills and modules

  9. @strahinjamijajlovic8933

    So, does this mean:
    Guns + Planes + Fires + WoWs = Good Result ?

  10. Best wows advise from flam. Dont be braindead use your guns

  11. I have mostly given up on WoWs but when I do play it it is mostly CVs and Subs because I might as well play the game as intended by WG if I am going to be wasting my time with it. CBT player who used to love DDs and CLs/CAs but not in this era of the game.

  12. Looks like Flamby found his new favorite cruiser. 😁

  13. Hey Flambass, do you have some fps issues with your video rendering? I see your in-game fps was 120, but this video looks like 25fps, choppy :/ Also, can you export in 1440p if possible, that would be awesome 🙂 cheers

  14. Wise words at the start!

  15. That Yamato was 6 klm from killing you, and then he quits LOL

  16. Dude go back and retry Eendracht for quite a few games. I really enjoy playing it.
    Check out the armor… for tier 7… holy crap. angle this and it’s really tough.

  17. I love when you play ships that aren’t on the tech tree for normal people. GG!

  18. (Swearing like a sailor. OK, consistent with “madman.”)

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