World of Warships- They Actually FINALLY Buffed This…..

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Tier X Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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  1. Hello mountbatten, i love your vids and your the best!! You get me into wows, thanks. Keep up the good work!

  2. The real nerf was when Wargaming outlawed stealth firing. Many moons ago if your gun range exceeded your spotted range, you could fire and not be seen. The good players stayed just outside their spotted range and wiped guys out. The Zao was also very good at that. By the time I grinded my way to these ships Wargaming changed spotting to its current form.

  3. Yeah i was on the fence for it. Thanks for the video.

  4. @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

    She still needs more. Her mobility is that of a cruiser, her DPM is that of a torpboat amd he has the 5th worst range at T10

  5. I got the Khaba during the holiday buying frenzy. Only played it Once (so far).

  6. I done BEEN playing khebab since not too long after the CO rework. GK was my first ever tier ten and I kept getting torped to death whenever I pushed a flank. So I thought, “Hmmmm. I need a DD killer. Light cruiser Khabarovsk it is!” My most played ship now. Don’t forget, new players probably don’t know about the armor on it. Time after time I see other DDs fighting me just using HE when I give them broadside.

    • But those same DDs out conceal you by 4km and just sit there with you spotted – if the other DD has discipline and a friend or two… be fucked!😢

  7. @theiranianputin2770

    Had the Khabarovsk for a long time, never used it before. (once or twice when I first got it)
    Ill give it shot.

  8. I played Khaby once roughly half y ago, during Airships escort mode (when it was new event). 1,5M PD I felt it was ok, but this buff really should help.

  9. @jamesstevenson1344

    Khabarovsk, my first T10 ship…great ship back in the day. Even after all the nerfs, I still took it out, if I needed certain amount of tasks like kill one or two DDs. I always remember one time I managed to catch a lone Yamato who was on full health and I took her down within a 1k before it finally got me lol. Fond and happier times with that ship.
    Very glad to hear it has had some love from WG and is now playable again. You have given me a reason now to take her to the waves again 🙂

  10. I vaguely remember playingthe Blywskavicza (yes i know i spelled it wrong) when it first came out and you could “stealth” fire and it would wear down BBs and CAs. Whenthey changed stealth it ruined many many DDs and CAs that had previously been probably OP due to stealth. But that made keeping yoru CV alive necessary to spot these ships. So maybe in one way it was a good thing in that you couldnt just sneer and let your CV die since you really needed it for spotting.

  11. You forgot to mention- Khaba torpedos are very stealthy, otherwise great video!

  12. I have the legendary mod on my Khaba pair along that with this improved heal…this is gonna be fun!

  13. Great video. Anyways, what the hell was the smaland doing? How did he loose that

  14. very nice game in your Khaba. going to go log in and try a game or two in mine.

  15. khaba is one of my favorite dd. even post nerf i got to rank 1 in ranked twice in her. I imagine she is beastly after the buff. she would still beat a kleber before, in an extended fight where she fights, takes half the kleber hp, heals, heals again and then comes back to win. now she can do it faster.

  16. Crazy. I ground the Sov dd line, did well with the Kiev and Udaloy, but just as I unlocked Khaba, it was nerfed and then the carrier rework happened. It was a morale crusher to be sure. Lets see if it works…

  17. Pommern deleting the Conde was beautiful!

  18. trying to hit this ship with a des moine back in the days, was an absolute nightmare

  19. Thank you for these videos. I am a newer player and it really helps to have some background context to changes and ships I have never heard of, like you predicted. Also, I love your outro music.

  20. I wish using a gun DD was as easy as your video made it look. Good vid.

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