Support Carriers in World of Warships Testing

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Support carriers recently got introduced in WoWS and since my last video, I got my hands on Essex, this was my 1st match in it. I decided to test the whole support role and go all in, with my focus on fleet protection and assistance in any shape possible.

This is how it all started but you will not believe what followed, stay tuned for the next video.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Looking forward towards more CV on CV toxicity 😀

  2. @000BlackSoul000AMVs

    I had a bad expetience with support carriers so far. there have been multiple occasions where i was unneccessarily smoked in by a friendly cv in dds. They prevent you from spotting, show where you are and bring out enemy radars at the worst times.

  3. Nachimov feels like the most toxic CV

  4. The thing is nakhimov got built in hidden mechanic in her planes. Fighter has longer tag time if it need to catch last squadron and will lose tag when squadron unload their payload + AA deal less dmg to the last squadron. Since nakhimov only have 1 squadron mean he always have last squadron. So essex with fighter build actually not that much effective on nakhimov

  5. Think it’s a nice middle ground and also gives the CV a lot more purpose within the game instead of just being the irritating OP musquito it is right now. Also gives a little more CV on CV action making it so they aren’t there just for the free dmg. Just check out that Naki, he was angry pretty quick because there was a potential you’d take away some strike possibilities from him XD. Think they should have implemented CV’s in this way a long time ago. In a balanced matter of course but ja, feels like a better way of doing it.

  6. Great video loved it

  7. freking good style bro

  8. I sometimes think if a carrier only has one strike, fighters should also attack returning aircraft.

  9. the t8 yorktown is also so awsome for coop missions.

  10. I’m glad to see the Essex back in action; my dad served aboard her.

  11. Love how the only big mouth in the enemy team was the Nakhimov AND member of that dutch clan. They talk like that in every game I found them.

  12. i love this approach Super Stuff 🙂

  13. Driving that Yamato into the Shima torps was a masterclass, but I assume it was an accident

  14. Flambass Whiteknighting the sky is next level

  15. It’s crazy to see how well the support role works when it’s done selflessly.

  16. I don’t know how you resisted replying to Nachimov’s comment “don’t try so hard” at the beginning, with “try harder” at the end of the game. LOL

  17. That was fun, can’t wait to see more

  18. I am a fan of the smoke screen on planes. CV in a support role is very nice and brings some balance back to the game. Crazy that WG is actually listening for once

  19. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    This new line is far less oppressive to play against. Wish they were all more like this.

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