Halloween Mode: World of Warships Tips

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Hello good peoples of the YouTube World Of Warships Happy Halloween and here are some tips the Halloween .

Enjoy the Destruction.

Check out a World of warship fan site with lots of information.

How to enable replays

Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

Nice replay on Trident Epicenter mode. czstraydog shuts down the

Check out The Black . A WoWs clan

Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. Pro tips – DDs. Save your smoke for the end when the boss ship Rasputin
    appears by the portal. It is basically a 200K HP Imp Nich. Coordinate
    where, when the boss appears, you move in front of the escort ship
    Transylvania and lay a line of smoke in the direction the Trans is
    travelling. After smoke runs out the next dd does the same thing, and the
    next. This is to keep the boss from shooting at the Trans. When the boss
    appears, dds need to do their smoke lines for the Trans then torping the
    Rasputin and often – it floods nicely.

    BB’s – putting a round into the mouth of the skull on the bow of the enemy
    BB’s will score a citadel. Also, the BB’s need to move into the Trans’
    circle first to get things moving and act as a meat shield for the Trans.
    You can shoot through the rigging of the Trans, it doesn’t take damage when
    rounds fly through the rigging if you have a target on the other side, but
    if you are too close to the Trans, you can damage it.

    CL’s – you are a flame thrower. Burn everything except catapults, switch to
    AP for that. Catapults have priority. Get them first. If you can target it,
    it may at first look like your shots will fall short but, trust me, shoot
    and your shots will land if you have it targeted.

    Everyone – after catapults, focus the enemy BB’s closest to the direction
    the Trans is taking – be aware of where it’s heading so you don’t get
    bogged down shooting at BB’s that don’t pose a significant threat to the
    Trans. Also, after you get about halfway through the map, several enemy
    BB’s will appear in the west, behind your direction of progress. Ignore
    them and keep moving. They cannot catch up unless everyone comes to a stop,
    so keep the fleet moving. Do not go off and solo warrior. Everyone move
    together, DD’s out front sending torps, CL’s burning the closest BB’s in
    the directing the Trans is traveling, BB’s blasting catapults first then
    focusing enemy BB’s. Cl’s moving on flanks, focusing the most immediate
    threats, be they catapults or the closest incoming BB.

  2. its fun, played hmmmm 50-60games of it so far, piling up the credits and
    camo. dd’s save your smoke till the end… smoke up the transylvannia and
    torp the hell out of the rasputin

  3. Sorry about that

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