Hannover German Super Battleship – World of Warships

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Hannover is the Super Battleship, available on PTS.

Unfortunately WG screwed up the mode BAD by asking players to just play the battle, without any need for good score, in order to farm intelligence tokens, which are then needed to play one of the SBBs.

So everyone pretty much just yoloes 6 times and then gets to play 1 of these once, where everyone else yoloes xD

It is what it is but this was my 1st battle in this beast so here are my 1st impressions.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Meet the “Hangover”, powered by Vodka.

  2. TheSand_man0923

    lol the bajie tried to team kill the satsuma for his bad driving and got it reflected back on himself XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. 18:24 “Port secondary armament destroyed” – fun and engaging experience huh

  4. So its back to how the game used to be, before they nerfed the 13.5 range of yamato 2nd, except you dont have 13.5 all the time. More gimmicks

  5. Yeah right, Imagine WG will introduce super carriers next. DDs are gonna love that so much.

  6. Forgetting to mention the 35mm areas of the ship, which Shiki and Satsuma can pen it.

  7. WG: we want to test them to get an idea how to go forward.
    Also WG: makes a mode that incentivizes people to throw their brain out the window, and provide the least accurate test results possible.

  8. Hanover:I have the best resilient armor for HE and AP,what I really afraid of is torps

    *Enters Conquerer

  9. i hope they replaced manual secondaries with accuracy adjustment, this is good idea the longer secondaries shoot the often they hit.

  10. Players: WG please fix the endless HE spam!
    WG: We heard you and will sell you a HE resilient ship!

  11. Design H44: 345 meters armed with 8 x 508 mm guns.
    Hannover: 355 meters armed with 8 x 483 mm guns.
    Wargaming WTF?

    • I want an H45 with 8 x 800mm guns with two bismarcks strapped on each side as secondaries, including Bismarck’s secondaries 😂

    • Doctor Le Quack

      @Carsten Stille So it is just an H-44 with the H-42/43 guns is all.

    • @Doctor Le Quack Yes quite, not even the Hull is right.
      The Plan-Z HClass BBs are quite good documented I don´t know why WG can´t just built them after the original Plans.

    • Doctor Le Quack

      @Carsten Stille calling them plans is a bit far fetched. These monsters were never going to be built and OKM and Speer knew this. They were more proof of concept not so much go and build these type plans.

    • @Doctor Le Quack Ok then it where Cocepts but these concepts went much further than the fantasy russian Navy.

  12. I thought this game mode wouldn’t CV’s in it, since it was meant to be what if the world didn’t go down the CV path

  13. That bug of just skipping the game result report is truly annoying, it’s even been happening for a while on my live server.

  14. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    the dumb post-battle result bug in live server is still kept even in PTS….Lmfao wg

  15. Positive energy and good vibes are being sent to you and your Feline family member. Keep up the good work ❤️

  16. Developer: “What should we do for secondaries?”
    WG: “Base them on the Atlanta”
    Developer: “…but the Atlanta doesn’t have secondaries?!”
    WG: “Did I stutter?”

    Narrator: “And so, our hapless developer slapped an Atlanta to either side of the Hannover and called it a day”

  17. 7:24 i love how the Flag disapears the moment you went back to Port LUL

  18. Play teir 10 they said! Enjoy super battleships they said!
    Reality: chaos

  19. I can’t wait for the Russian/Soviet line to feature a “year of design” CV with ICBM’s for secondary armament.

  20. Is like oh i wanna play with those!
    But then i remember the subs coming, CVs, new nuke air strikes, spamm of stealth ships, secondaries nefed in the ground, nah no thank you

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