HARUGUMEMES | World Of Warships | Random Acts Of Ownage #13

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  1. 360p squad where ya at?

  2. Blue eyes white power

    Oh my god these edits are legendary, how everything synchs up just makes me erect

    • YUP GOTTA BE ONE OF THE BEST WOW VIDS IV EVER SEEN … had to stop half way tho so i could pick my self of the floor 🙂 thanks robin

  3. Ahh good to have you back Yuro !! 🙂 ……

    OH GOD DAMMIT ROBIN! You fooled me again 🙁

    Great Video though

  4. BIA World of Warships

    The Great Robino strikes again! So honored to sneak peek your video before it went live and WHAT ANOTHER LEGENDARY ONE IT IS!!! 😀 gj Robin

  5. Love the undertale music <3
    Also, I cried at the end

  6. I’ve been hyped all week for this video. I’m spamming Kitakaze in Ranked, so it won’t be long until I reach Worcester V2.0. Normally, I would leave feedback about the things that need improving, but to be quite frankly honest with you, I can’t think of anything bad about this video. What I especially admire about your video’s, is your style of editing. I would absolutely LOVE a little how-to series, even if it’s just a single 5-minute episode!

    Robin. Your video’s are, in my opinion, of an even greater level than Yuro’s, Arlios’, Flamu’s, Notser’s, Chaise’s and so on. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM <3.

    PS: Do you have a Discord? I would love to be a part of your awesome community! If you don't, how about making one? After all, there are 8.000 of us already! I would happily help you managing one, why not 😉

  7. Finally. Best new WoWS video series, right here.

  8. These editing skills are f****** INCREDIBLE!

  9. Spicy af

  10. Man all the comments here are so heartwarming! Thank you all for the awesome feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed :3

  11. oh my god, that was so beutiful to watch. I expected just some good kills from this video. It wasn,t just good it was fucking fantastic ( atleast point of view of average potato like me). Anyway i iimmediately subbed to your channel to support you and i wouldn,t miss any videos from you.

  12. This is actually some of the best editing I’ve ever seen in a WoWs video. Incredible effort.

  13. Delicious Harugumeme

  14. 3:25 He just went straight up into A10 Warthog mode.

  15. I didn’t think it was possible, but you somehow made a better video than the des memes video.

  16. I think i found a replacement for Yuro. Awww yisss

  17. A lot of hours of editing. This is a masterpiece

  18. These are the kind of videos we are gonna show our kids to teach them how memes work. This should be preserved in a museum.

  19. This is my favorite WoWS video since Yuro’s Minotaur compilation.

  20. At first I was completely enthralled. Then. It seemed to come heavy. The meme’s so thick and fast. the editing flawless, but the barrage too thick. Yet not quite dank. I began to doubt. Was this a true meme officiant. Or a shitpost extraordinaire. Then, 3:40 struck me.
    oh my god

    “A MaaaSta PIECE!!”

    Don’t cut slack on the next vid my man. This is the quality that anchors channels on the site.You got my sub. Keep it up, and you can be damn sure more will follow.
    good luck 😉

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