Highlights with Britzz – Live Commentary – World Of Warships

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A compilation video of a session of Warships with Britzz
Check out his channel below:


  1. Brilliant!!! You’ve put my mind at ease….Game is shaping up nicely
    looking forward to trying it

  2. Goats lol i bet they sell more but there might be a bit of a backlash with
    the Goat lovers lol

  3. Hmmmm. Multi tasking and the WoT player base. Not 2 phrases that you would
    put together normally. Carnage methinks. 

  4. That last clip tells you how things can change their course very very fast
    in this game :P

  5. Nice video! I hope I can get a beta :(

  6. ‘In the Navy’ requested by mrpugster!

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