Wickes Destroyer – Live Commentary – World Of Warships

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Fear not Tank enthusiasts, tomorrow will be tanks but forgive me for playing WoW quite a bit this week, it’s exciting because it’s shiny and new. Here is a fair match in the Tier III American Destroyer, Wickes. Still learning game dynamics and ships so watch me learning…


  1. Torpedoes…. TORPEDOES FOR EVERYONE! Hmm it seems like Destroyers are a
    ton of fun to play. 

  2. Plumb you lucky lucky person… I missed the opportunity to sign up for the
    beta, and that sucks because the game looks awesome!

  3. Just unlocked the Saipan VI CV last night – It’s… weird. Wargaming seems
    to think I’d rather use dive bombers than torpedo bombers, which is
    definitely not the case. :(

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