Hipper Buff – In Raw Numbers (World of Warships: Legends Xbox Series X)

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  1. Finally got a first in lol

  2. Nice game I finally got the Hipper now it just a Luitens build and a lot of practice ..

  3. Time4aNew System

    I’m sure it will get nerfed soon

  4. I hope one day I’ll see you on the opposite side of the team so you can have a rough day haha

  5. Very well done. To be fair, you’ve gotten much better since the first games you’ve played in her too. Personal experience in a ship is a stat line that you can’t see in raw numbers but it counts. Overall, Hipper is a beast

  6. The problem with Hipper is that you have to play Nurnberg and Yorck to reach it.

    • Anananan Dsdsdsds

      Nurnberg is all right, and set up right can be quite the tidy little cruiser. I’m with you on Yorck being an utter dog, though.

    • I love the Yorck, it’s a get up close quarters fighting ship. Get in close, use cover and let the enemy try to dig you out, then “POW” Torps, guns, and frontal armour you will will win that fight if the try. 👍

    • @chuck fraser What’s your build for Yorck?

    • The nurnburg is a monster and the yorck is a good learning curve for hipper gets you used to how you should play it and means if your good with the yorck you’re a monster with the hipper

  7. Hipper was my first and most played t7 cruiser. Love that ship

  8. StickMasterCaleb 32

    I’m getting a little annoyed that they keep giving Ships the same historical Camo’s.

  9. Hey Hipper, can you please do a Yorck video if you can. Don’t forget about the tier 6’s.

    Thanks Sir,
    ATKRON46 😎

    • @chuck fraser perhaps. My opinion stands. Even with Graf Spee I perform better. What’s your build? I use Lutjens with an agile build.

    • @aliengoa0
      I have 2
      LUTJENS LV 16 L 2
      Inspiration- KUNETSOV LV 16 L 3
      Inspiration- Yamamoto LV 16. L 4
      Skills- Ingenious/Full speed ahead/Velocious/ Steer clear.
      Legendary skill- Fully Packed

      MULLER LV 16 L 3
      Inspiration- Fraser LV 14 L 2
      Inspiration- Yamamoto LV 16 L 4
      Skills- Beyond range/ Igniter/ Punch Through/ Steer clear.
      Legendary perk- Refill station

      Aiming Sys mod 1
      Propulsion mod 2
      Steering gears Mod 3

      I may swap Commanders pending on my mood, but the ship stays the same.

      What is your setup?

    • Also for Muller
      Sometimes I will swap 1 Inspiration. Fraser for Kuznetsov. That’s it… Yorck is 1 of the best Tier 6 cruisers in the game out of my 199 ships. 😎

      So at the end of the day how do you play it? Agressive / Passive / Kamikaze… You haven’t mentioned anything on this.

    • @chuck fraser I have
      Aim systems
      Steering gears 2
      Steering gears 3

      Lutjens with the typical “VII Hipper” way
      With inspiration Scott and Yamamoto.
      Ingenious- full speed ahead – velocious – steer clear and with fully packed legend skill
      He is Lv16 L1

      I always play aggressive and I as use to say the “VII Hipper way” capping, spotting and hunting DDs when I see them.
      Maybe I was unlucky with this ship.

      With the same specs in the previous ships I’m usually pretty good and have a lot of fun

      I honestly don’t know what’s happening with Yorck

    • @chuck fraser I play it Agressive, If this ship get’s close to Bbs, they will die 85% chance. Plus really good guns. Infact this ship has the biggest cruiser gun in tier 6

  10. Typical BBs. So much time in the game ( 5 mins? ) and none help you!! And he took your kill lol

  11. They should buff albemarle

  12. Legendaries will have increased the average damage too. I’m glad your namesake is living up to its former glory. My 1st teir 7 and still one or my favourites.

  13. Been watching the channel for a while now, you’ve helped so much with my game play and style. Also recently got the Hipper and Atago and enjoy both ships so much I have started enjoying tier 7 again. Thanks Hipper keep up the good work.

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