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Checking out recently buffed Hood, guns and DefAA received some . Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Hood Replay

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  1. Scharnhorst main gun better pen or more accurate guns OR that the citadel damage the scharnhorst does is the same as the graf spee. 8400 graf 7400 I think for scharnhorst.

    • I agree, Scharnhorst was historically equipped with an improved version of the Graf Spee’s guns firing a heavier shell. It makes no sense that Graf Spee has superior AP Alpha from a weaker gun.

    • AtlasAS7D it was 8400 during ST, and Scharnhorst was OP as hell. So they nerfed it to 7400.

    • +I Gusti Praba So same guns as a tier 6 a tier high in a game where overmatching is everything? whats your point that it would be op to be consistent?

    • Well Notser was asking for ships that need a buff to become relevant again… Scharn is one of the best t7 ships currently, she doesn’t need MORE strength.

    • gothicalpha who cares about overmatching when you can run circles around all of your competition? The game is about positioning. Scharnhorst has speed, armor, decent AA, decent secondary, and a unique gun that’ll keep any cruiser at bay.

      And stat wise the only ship that’s better is the Nelson, with much less sample size. Scharnhorst is one of the most played T7 ships and still performs as one of the best.

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Out of cold and foggy night came the British ship the Hood
    And every British seaman he knew and understood
    They had to sink the Bismarck, the terror of the sea
    Stop those guns as big as steers and shells as big as trees

  3. Pls show your Hood build 🙂

  4. Roma or Le Terrible. Both ships are horrifically angering to play. I’d say that 70% of Roma’s shells don’t hit the target. If they do hit the target, there’s an 80% chance that all you do is overpen. I’d suggest improving the sigma to 1.9 or 2.0.
    Le Terrible is like a Russian DD without smoke, heal, shell speed, or turret angles. Because it has no defensive abilities besides speed, it can’t really do any damage. I’d simply give it smoke or heal so it can deal more damage and have a more defined identity.

    • i have the roma and would say that im pretty good in it and i disagree with a sig buff. initially it had 1.9 pre-release and wg decided to reduce it to 1.8, i dont agree with the method of balancing but it is what it is. The reason why i say i disagree is the fact that with roma you get close and i mean steath cruiser close, she is not a bb in the sense that she hunts ca’s, she hunts bb’s, from how i play her she is a great example of an anti bb bb. the reason why i say this is that if you’re annoyed by the dispersion shoot at things you can hit i.e the largest target possible, if you are over penetrating, shoot at armour that slows it down ie bb armour. in a roma i dont bother with dd’s and ca’s for the most part, i use the stealth to catch bb’s unaware on their broad and then wallop them with a 10k volley, even when they go wild, the target is big enough to catch shells, it has enough armour to slow them down.

    • Roma is totally fine though?

    • +Naruse Utaha honestly, im not sure, i can agree that it’s frustrating, but i think that’s got more to do with how this game works than anything, saying it’s dispersion is a problem is literally almost every bb. let’s say we give it 1.9 and the guns become more consistent, now you can somewhat long range shoot, now it can do 10k + volleys on bb’s at t8 reliably, and wallop bow in ca’s that you can overmatch plus, you can more likely hit dd’s, which is not a good thing since your shells are fast, very very fast, and roma should not be punishing dd’s. so is roma fine atm, im inclined to say yes, but that doesn’t mean it isnt frustrating.

    • Maybe i am an exception but i terribly enjoy Terrible. You do not need smoke – it is a gun and run ship. Not intended to be a smoker like a Ruski. It is good to have a different ship. If you do not like it, play the russians.

    • I’ve been enjoying Roma because that thing is tanky as hell.

      The dispersion sure is trolly at long range but the concealement allows you to sneak-up to around 13km or just let you pick a target. Usually at that range I get proper dispersion as well and you can disengage and drive people mad.

      The most frustrating with Roma in my opinion is the lack of range and the fragile guns that gets knocked out when you need them the most.

  5. Vanguard needs something to help her face off against Bismarcks, Richelieus, North Carolina in close range. Everything has either more guns, bigger guns or more secondaries. I’d say, give her secondaries the accuracy and reload of Massachusett’s. She will still have less secondaries and shorter range than the MA, but maybe they can provide a bit of moral support in CQD. That way they also don’t make Vanguard OP at long range, which would happen if they buff the main battery.

  6. Graf Spee , some better gun handling, sigma , dispersion ..

  7. Any premium carrier as carriers aren’t fun at all at the moment…

  8. Friedrich der Große!!!
    (Attention massive Rant explaining my Choice incoming)

    There is probably no other ship as infuriatingly inconsistent, incompetend and irelevant as this garbage. Its main guns are uterly useless and need a buff similar to Hood. Atleast 1.9 is required to make this thing somewhat competetive as it has nothing to offer its team other than beeing a Dmg Pinjata. In most games I strugle to get over 100k dmg (in a good game) in it and most often atleast half of that dmg is caused by the Secondaries and Fires set by them. WTF!?!
    Its armor is not the best, its Size is absurd so youre always getting hit by HE spam, Its hydro cant protect it from torps cus its a floating Continent (Like GK), Its neither the Fastest nor the most Agile, Its guns are only for show as they cant hit Musashi Broadside from sub 5km (Trust me Ive had that happen alot in ranked). Its AA isnt the best and not even its Secondaries are that Great anymore with the French BBs also having great Secs.
    There is nothing about this ship that you wont find in an Improved form in the other BBs. It adds nought to the table and is Frustrating beyond Believe and I know what im talking about as ive somehow got over 330k Base EP on this thing in over 230 games (including ranked).
    I so want this ship to be good. To be a worthy upgrade to the Bismarck but its just so frustrating to see salvo after salvo miss, loosing you matches that you know would have been easily won with ANY other T9 ship. Playing it made me miss Gneisenaus Accuracy over this thing. I propose a Sigma Buff to atleast 1.9 to make fireing your main guns actually bareable.

  9. If they buffed premium Hood they may buff premium blyska ?

  10. A Graph Spee with a slightly buffed air and normal concealment, something like 10% concealment from like the 13.14KM to around 12km, and it would be the perfect ship for the CV rework, for all the planes buzzing around.
    I wouldn´t change anything else on it.

    • Or if they don’t want that maybe give it better sigma, cause she often has all 6 shells make a nice little circle around the ship you were actually aiming at.

  11. First ship that comes to mind is Blyskawica. She absolutely needs some love. Maybe better torps or a heal.

    • What I’d love is if Błyskawica got her 1942 configuration with 4×2 102mm guns. Sure, IFHE would become mandatory, but you’d end up with the same DPM as Akizuki. While that would almost certainly require making her a Tier 8, given what’s happening with Giulio Cesare that’s not longer out of the question. And becoming Tier 8 would give Błyskawica access to the concealment module as well.

    • +RedXlV don’t take away my Bofors!! #made in sweden;-)

  12. Belfast, needs a heal, as it stands it’s just miserable

  13. Blyskawica needs a buff IMO. She just cant compete with her stats wise vs the other destroyers at her teir.

  14. For me, an avid B.B. player, the Roma is a pretty solid ship. However it fails to be competitive simply due to the horrific accuracy of its guns, which disappoint every single salvo. Buffing the sigma to 1.9 or 2.0 would put the ship in line with similar others such as the Massachusetts of the North Carolina. I just hope that when the tech tree Italian bbs come out, that their sigma is not so goddamn awful.

    • 1.9 would be enough for Roma. Historically she had poor dispersion and in-game she has a ton of other strengths, I think 2.0 would be too much.

  15. Hey Notser, answering your question,

    I think maybe the German BBs shinyhorse and Tripitz/Bismarck. They’ve all been power creeped pretty significantly over the years.
    They could choose to:

    A) address the gun issues with them (lower barrel count, bad sigma/dispersion) and give them reload and or accuracy buffs

    B) this applies more to the higher tier German BBs but better firing angles

    C) Secondary range and pen buffs like the the FDG. The introduction of the Massachusetts and others have really hurt the few advantages they have.

    D) Fire burn time reduction. Secondaries are usually spec’d due to them being attractive to new players, but HE spam seems to be getting just nastier and nastier. You’re left with a boring ol tank build which everyone can do negating it’s usefulness, or a secondary build and typically get burned to death when trying to brawl. You can see the dilemma.

    The mid tier German BBs are not bad, they’re just neither here nor there anymore with the powercreep and have lost some of their personality. Especially the Tripitz/Bismarck. Some slight buffs would bring them back in line.

  16. When will WG buff the German BB’s? They are shittier patch after patch and everytime WG is adding ships.

  17. Blysk needs a buff! Used to be my favourite canoe. . .

    • I haven’t bothered to play her since she got nerfed. Not what I payed for.

    • To be fair she was never nerfed… they just removed the stealth firing mechanic she was built around… but if they gave her better torps or a better detection range I could see her being relevant again. But as it is the poor Blys has been abandoned in most of our ports because she just isn’t a decent ship for the tier.

    • blysk has been power creep so i think a slight buff to reload of gun and and detection and it would be a good ship again

    • Pewterschmidt23 Lord

      +vincent leung i dont mind the blyska but it has 6.8km seas detection its absoloutely rubbish

  18. Anyone else experiencing terrible lag after the update ?

  19. The German BB line needs a sigma buff really bad.

  20. USS Indianapolis – enhanced survivability module? Better rate of fire? Something!

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