World of Warships: Kitakaze in Estonian

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Kitakaze matš eesti keelsete kommentaaridega. Head Vabariigi aastapäeva.
Ranked Kitakaze match that is commentated entirely in Estonian with English subtitles. I hope you enjoy it!

World of footage of the tier 9 Japanese destroyer Kitakaze


  1. First… video with Aerroon speaking in native tounge. Cool.

  2. Thank you, I think this is the first time I’ve heard Estonian 😀

    I feel your pain with specific terms, I wouldn’t know magazine in german either.

  3. Happy indi day Estonia! Very cool idea! I just ranked out going 100% kitakaze. Ima free-to-play scrub so none of the T9 premiums for me. Funny, its one of those ships I like better than its T10 (torpedo build fletcher being another) I agree that its weird to have a dd be stronger than a ca 1v1, but roon never been that strong close in against anything and aside from the yugumo, its was one of the weakest choices for ranked this season. Nice work as usual! O7

  4. I might just be an English speaking pleb, but I swear to God I heard a word that sounded like “Kahpoomfta” 😉 funniest sounding thing I’ve heard in a while

  5. I totally get your struggles. I play all my games in english and i couldn’t think or talk about them in german, if my live depended on it

  6. Nice idea man. Would like seeing you speak more of your native language in your commentaries.

  7. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard Estonian without copious amounts of cursing.
    Estonian troops were in the next tent over from me when I was in Afghanistan. Fun times! 😛

  8. Happy Independence day!
    And hearing you speak Estonian was really relaxing for some reason.

  9. That was fun, I enjoyed hearing Estonian!

  10. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Happy independence day. Interesting change of pace to hear a different language.

  11. now i will have to watch it again as i was too busy reading the subtitles and i missed all the kills lol

  12. Thank you that one made me laugh so hard. I have the exact same problem when i try to talk about the game in full german. I play with an english client (since open beta and never changed as the german version was shit at that time) and when i talk to my clan mate who are not bi-lingual i often stumble over quite a few words as well. Some of my friends and i talk english for in game commands (we are just used to it that way) and then doing the mental switch over to german command talk is weird and sometimes you sit there with these umm … ähhh … damnit what was the word again moments.

  13. Estonian 101 Independence!
    Love you sometimes speaking your own language.(but only sometimes…)

  14. You should do this more often

  15. Great video! Now we need Flamu in Finish and Flambass in Croatian. 😛

  16. Congratulations on Estonian Independence, Aerroon, and many happy returns!

  17. As a finn this was very interesting to watch

  18. Greetings to a northern neigbor.
    Im from Latvia, the land of cheap beer

  19. Happy Independence Day!

  20. about Putin, do you know the joke how the Russian First Secretary called the Pope and wanted to ask him how he was feeling after the assassination attempt and he found out he was calling a day too early ? :-)))

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